Monday, 10 August 2009

Not much has changed

So I’ve been back in the UK for almost two weeks now. Already looking forward to getting back to Spain. Not that I’ve hated or even disliked my time here, it’s just been way too busy here and the weather is well rubbish.

I’ve not been up to much since getting back. Seen some old friends. Not much has changed. I don’t have much to update them with (another reason why my blog stays quiet for weeks on end these days)

Some highlights have been.

Watching Chelsea beat United in community shield. Many reasons for this, I’m a Chelsea fan, was good to be drinking with me dad while watching football (always a favourite past time) and it also means that football is back. (It’s even better that today’s back pages are full of Ferguson’s rants rather then the actual football.)

BBQ. My dad decided to throw a last minute BBQ. Well, one had been half planned for last weekend but it was a bit on/off. Friday we made a definite plan it was on the the very next day. In all there was about 15~18 people there and I was the lone chef. It was a bit tricky trying to cook for that many people. Some sausages did get burnt but no one has since complained about stomach bugs, which is nice.
I was even told that the plain chicken I cooked for the step brother was ate, despite him being one of the highest critics of food I’ve know. Even in restaurants he might not eat if the food isn’t perfect, so for him to eat my BBQd plain chicken was good to hear.

During the BBQ there was also a challenge set by my dad. He challenged my friend to jump on some massive trampoline in the garden, bounce down on to his bum and bounce back on to his feet. All in one go. My dad (initial) failed and took him three attempts. Here is mine..

Check out the celebration.

Some lowlights.

Drinking everyday. I’m not a huge drinker of alcohol. Just a social drinker. Except since being in England I’ve seen different people each day in different social situations….and drank at all of them. Don’t think my body can take much more.

My trainers. I came over with just one pair of trainers. Early on in the “holiday” the sole on my left shoe became unglued and now slides down my foot by about an inch or so. That means that when I stand (which is something I’ve done a lot in pubs and bars) my heel rests on the edge of the thick sole giving me a sore heel. Unfortunately all my other shoes are back in Spain.

Insect bites. Since living in Spain for about 16 months I’ve been a bit lucky and only had a handful of insect bites. Being in England for a few days I’ve received a back full of bites. I guess that might have something to do with the fact that there is more skin on offer in Spain and in England all skin is covered up under jumpers and coats at the moment, so any exposed skin for any amount of time, say a topless guy doing some lawn mowing and gardening for his dad, might get a load on his back.

And that’s been it. Apart from the big wedding at the end of the “holiday” I have not much else planned. eat a pasty, maybe a KFC. Speaking of which I haven’t even had a single sandwich yet, should really sort that out asap. Perhaps tomorrow when I’m in Liverpool (which is home to my all time favourite sandwich shop).

And I have to do it all again in a few weeks time when I return in November.