Tuesday, 27 April 2010

My new toy

So I've just gotten back from the garage and have (eventually) returned with a new toy.

This is my new motor. I can now get away, around and enjoy more of my new surroundings now that I have a full drivers licence and car. So happy right now.

Although getting it was a little more difficult then it should of been.
Having agreed a price yesterday I was told to call today to make sure it had passed it's M.O.T. Once I was told it was done I said I'd be around in a few minutes and asked if they accepted card? That's where things got a little difficult. They didn't. They said that they could drive me in to nearby Melton, around 10 miles away, to get to the bank. Just as we were getting in to Melton we, me and salesman, learnt that my bank had closed it's branch in this area.
So seeing as the salesman was bored we agreed to head over to Grantham, around 15 miles away. We had more luck with a bank there.

Once I had returned to the garage, with money I signed all the papers, got my keys and left for a little ride.

I decided to drive up to near by and easy to get to Bingham and grab some food while out. A few miles in I realised that I had virtually no petrol. And seeing as I've only lived in the Vale for a few months, never driven, I was pretty limited on my knowledge of petrol stations. In fact the only one I could be sure of was a few metres away from the pub. The place I had just left. But it's hard finding somewhere to turn around on country lanes. So I had to keep driving. And driving. And driving. Luckily I got to turn around, got back to Harby and filled my now empty car with some petrol....I hope it is a petrol car and not a diesel....hmmmmm :-(

So now, all I have to do is learn the roads, where things are, especially petrol stations. Get a dangling dice mirror thing.

Oh and decide if I'm going to name the car?


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Friday, 23 April 2010

I am (no longer) the passenger

Yesterday, after about 2 months of lessons and only 4 minor faults, I passed my driving exam.

I can now legally drive brums brums. Awesome!

Now I just need a car and I can enjoy more sights of my new surroundings....rather then just the pub and the garage.


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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A come back

Like the planes and airports around the UK and Europe it's about time I made a return to work.

Not sure where to start.

Any questions?


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