Thursday, 16 December 2010

Look what I found after dusting off Chrome

I've been using Chrome since this morning. You can tell it's been a while since I last used Chrome as look what I found in the most visited tabs section;

None other then our old friend Google Wave. Remember that? That didn't last very long did it!

There is a reason for me using Chrome though.

Google and it's browser Chrome are running a campaign at the moment called Chrome for Causes. I've recently moved back to using Chrome for the next few days - to the 19th to be exact - while this campaign is in effect.

What Chrome for Causes does is, with every tab you open in Chrome while you have the Chrome for Causes extension Google will donate money to charity.

The extension itself tries to get you to open new tabs with every new page you load buy having your current opened tabs count on the extension - mine since this morning is sitting at 68 - and also giving you pop up messages every so often, ie "You've opened your 10th tab, that's enough for a tree to be planted."

I like good causes but find that I don't really do much. But if I can do something while simple surfing the web that donates books, money, clean water to charities then I'm all for it. I've never opened as many new tabs for no reason at all. I'm middle clicking everything I want to read or reply to.

You can also get Chrome for Causes here

Or if you already have Chrome installed get the extension here

Chrome is very good browser and made a few innovations since it's arrival on the scene. Even if' it's just for a few days everyone in the World should be using Google's Chrome for Causes.

You can read a bit more on Chrome for Causes here

PS On or before the 19th you should send Google Chrome to Opera's homepage and download Opera 11. It's my favourite browser and one of the quickest, safest and even at 11 is still more innovative then the other browsers.
And they have some of the best minds working on advertising.


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Merry Christmas Redditgifts

So if you follow my twitter account you'll notice from about 9 in 10 links I post I'm a reddit fan. This year I signed up to redditgifts. Now redditgifts in case you don't know is where members of reddit can sign up to a huge community Secret Santa game. A Secret Santa that not only spans local areas, but whole countries and even continents (if you fancy throwing in some extra shipping fees).

My Secret Santa got me a shot glass chess set along with a flash drive. The chess-set instantly got a smile from the house mate. Chess has been played in the pub a few times and it's not like we could ever run out of things to put in the shot glasses. Unfortunately this gift was quickly taken off me by housemate so to be wrapped up for actual Christmas. But I'm sure that on Christmas Day this will get a lot of use out of during Christmas dinner. 
The flash drive contained lots of goodies, wallpapers linking to various amusing memes, The Walking Dead comics (which I am trying to stop myself from reading as I'm enjoying the show a lot) and a bunch of movies, including the first Toy Story, which shall keep me entertained on Christmas Eve night when I cannot sleep.

Now the person I got to be Secret Santa for wasn't very forthcoming with clues. Even his redditgifts profile had nothing in it.
I checked all through his reddit account for some ideas. Seen a few things about a band that he liked. I googled the band and found they were touring. I thought briefly about getting tickets but I didnt want to get a gift that could only be used once and tied the person down.
So I checked his twitter account. And all I could see where a lot of replies to people. I tried facebook but his profile was protected. So I googled his name. I found out he produced and presented a podcast, made short movies but nothing gave me any idea as to what to get.
So for the next few days I read further and further in to his reddit comments and twitter feed until one day I spotted a tweet he had retweeted on the 2nd of September (thats some major digging/stalking right there). He had retweeted a David O'Doherty tweet. I instantly thought of the comedians book "100 Fact About Pandas," and knew that this was my gift.
I got an email last night from redditgifts saying my gift had been received and a comment was online. It seems that my Giftee enjoyed his present a lot, which has made me feel good :-) Yey.
Which is what Secret Santa is all about.

Redditgifts also have a stats page on info they collect when people submit they've sent a gift. This year 17,130 people took part over 90 countries across the World. Now although not all people sent gifts (some people are bad) 15,149 redditors did get in to the Christmas Spirit and sent gifts. A total of $572,105.16 was spent on gifts and shipping. That's a lot of love. The most spent was $1,506.90 (lucky person) with the average being $37.77. (All stats here)
That's certainly a lot of love for a community. And another reason why I enjoy reddit so much.

Make sure you check out the gallery page for some of the awesome presents that were gifted this year. Perhaps it might bring some inspiration on what to get someone you're stuck buying for.


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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Sitting around just chilling

It wasn't just the Mystery Machine that I spotted outside the Asda I also spotted this dog waiting for his owner sitting like a boss.

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From Android

Thought I'd test out posterous new Android app. Hopefully my posts will get a bit more exciting than this.

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Monday, 13 December 2010

My car has gone to the Big Car Park in the Sky

So my car has finally been picked up this morning. And I can finally see how it looks in the light.

Somehow my car hit hedges all along the right had side of the road but strangely, as you can see from the photos, only the left hand side is damaged. It looks like my car slide on the ice off to the right, clipped the verge, spun 180, smashed the passenger side in to the hedges, then done a slight 90 spin resting half in a ditch and half on the road.


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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Been in a crash

I've just crashed my car. I was alone, there were no other cars involved. Thank God. I was trying to get to some friends in the city going down some country roads. After some crazy low temperatures followed by last few days of above zero temperatures I stupidly drove normal. But the roads were icey. I hit a slight bump on a tiny bend. THe back of my car went from behind me. I remember trying to control the car, with no luck. I then closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

I heard banging. The forces on my body shook me in different directions. I heard glass smash and fall against me. I got really scared. 

When everything stopped I checked I was the right up. All my fingers and toes moved. I didnt feel any pain. Glass was smashed but I couldnt immediately spot from where. It turns out it was from the rear passenger side.

I was freezing cold. Window smashed I was already cold. I didnt know what to do. I phoned my housemate. No answer. I thought best people to call was 999. Didnt know who to ask for, it wasnt really a matter for any. I wasnt injured, there was no fire and no crime had been committed. I went with police. Wwhile calling the police I thought I had a coat in the back but searched and couldnt find it. I spoke with the police. My hands freezing. I kept mentally checking that all parts of me where working as they should. They were. I remember there were a pair of gloves in the glove box. Ones that my dad had left in. I went to get them. After opening the door the inside light shone on the outside of the car and I spotted my coat. Some how it had been thrown out of the car.

As I was on the phone with the recovery service the police turned up. That was fast. They were very helpful. I kept apologising. I dont know why. I felt like an inconvenience. I was annoyed at myself. At the situation. But mainly at my self. Right before Christmas. I'm supposed to be heading home, will have to call that off. 

The police mentioned about getting the car out of the middle of the road. They called in for a Land Rover to drag it out. I sat in the back of the police car at all times thinking how pissed off I was. Ho w I was looking forward to seeing my parents next week but that will have to stop. How I wont have a car to do normal things like go the shop. How I didnt know what to do in these situations and couldnt reach anyone that did. I felt most annoyed that I had let down my dad as he had helped with the car and I made a promise to be ok when in and around the car. I'm sorry dad.

The police got the car to the side of the road. I have no pain. Anywhere. The police took me home and dropped me off. I'm good.

I now have the task of getting car picked up and dealing with insurance. I'm already thinking ahead so I suppose thats a good thing. I hope I sleep tonight.

Most importantly I'm good. A close work colleague was in an accident and rolled her car. I've head many horror stories around here of cars rolling. There were phone posts all around me. I was lucky I missed all of this and have not even a scratch on me. That was the biggest thing going through my head. I'm so happy to be where I am right not considering. 

I got lucky.

Very lucky.

But I still feel like crap.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Loving Opera 11

To pin, stack or just play it old school? The amount of ways to view tabs.


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