Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Draw me this...

Why did the chicken cross the road?
(Click for larger image)

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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Weird Pictures/Arpeggi

As mentioned earlier, I have my underwater camera back and got chance to take it snorkeling.
Here are some of my favourite photo's

At first all I was spotting was these guys for about 15/20 minutes.
It's quite hard to photograph fish when the current is pushing them, you and your hand about.

But then I spotted these guys
There were two of them.

I followed these two fish for a few seconds, turned around and found myself in a massive shoal of fish
I don't think I'll do a Fish Spot like Lizard Spot, as there were just too many.

Fish seem to live in perfect harmony.

And I just kept seeing more...

And more...

And more still.

But some fish let me get close ups of them.

And after swimming amongst the shoal for about 30 minutes I thought I spotted some old friends
Hey you guys.

But then all the fish got a little bored and headed somewhere else.

You should really check out this set, it's one of my favourites. [LINK|Fish Set Slide Show]
Not bad for my first go.

I was a little worried at first that I might get bored photographing the same three kinds of fish. This is all I've seen since being here. But I've been tipped off that there is an area of coast line abot 15/20 minutes away that is treated as a underwater National Park. They have Moon/Sun Fish, various eels, octopus and even some predatory fish (after little fish I hope and not me). And I'm going the first opportunity I get, ie when the missus is off work.
Can't wait.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

I don't wanna be a pirate

Yesterday I sat down to watch a pirated illegal video but all the way through the guy recording the movie was chomping on sweets. And not just any sweets, sweets in noisy wrappers.

Have these pirates -ripping off the movie industry, not the highsea ones- not got any morales?

Monday, 21 July 2008

A visit from more family

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of the company of my niece and mum

They have a lot in common
They're both part time SuperHeroess'

We spent a lot of time at the beach
Writing names

Watching waves.

Well some of us watched, while others ran

And after a while the "other" of us were tempted in to the sea
The big inflatable thing was called Cakey...until me mum popped it.

There was dressing up
A Big Mouth, but not a big head.

Nice shoes

And dancing
Megan Flamenco Dancing
Flamingo (as it was mostly called)

Ice Skating
As well as some "Ice" Skating.

A bit too much Spaghetti was eaten

But all this excitement was too much for the smaller of us.

On a few occasions

But my mum was on her best behaviour all weekend.

It was great seeing both of my favourite girls and I was over the Moon to hear they already have their plane tickets for their next visit in October.

And here is the slide-show


Saturday, 19 July 2008

Circle peg in a square tray

The last few weeks I've noticed a strange change in the ham that we regularly buy.

Without any notice the ham maker ahs gone from making square slices of ham to round slices of ham.
They haven't mentioned anything, anywhere about this major change.

I quite prefered square ham. It fitted perfectly on the strangly smaller sized bread. Absolutely perfect. It was almost like the ham makers made and effort to go out, measure the size of bread come back and make ham that size.
It was a minute detail to the ham, but it made sandwiches that much better. There was never and excess breadness* on the edges.

Now the makers have changed the design to round ham. This of course means that my sandwiches now have corners of sandwiches where there is nothing but butter. It's pretty plain in those corners.

I just can't understand why a ham maker, without notice and without sticking some sort of "New Improved Ham" (in Spanish of course) label on the front so people would know I don't understand.

Although one good point about the new circle ham is that it's a little tougher. Not that I like tough ham, but I hate it when it's so thin and flimsy that it falls apart as you pull it out of the plastic tray.

*I hate taking a bread only bite in to a sandwich

Thursday, 17 July 2008

The Deep Blue

Well I have my underwater camera back....finally. Plus I've had the chance to test it out in the pool and the sea. And I have plenty of very good photos.

But I still have a few days in "Holiday Mode" as the missus parent's are still here, so here is a preview.

Having a swim in the sea.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Red Flag day

All of the times I have been down to the beach there has always been a Green Safety Flag up on the lifeguards seats. It's always been interesting to see what conditions you need for a red flag?

Then the other weekend when down the beach with my mum and niece I went for a swim out to the buoys (I really need to find out how far these ones are) and as I was swimming out there was a Sea Mist coming inland.

By time I got to the bouys and turned around I could hardly see the beach as the mist was so dense and everywhere. It was pretty freaky.

By time I had got back to land the fog was just rolling up the beach slowly, it looked, for want of a better word, sweet!

I then looked and noticed that I couldn't see the buoys I had swam too. In fact I couldn't see much of the sea.

Then I could over here a lot of chatter on the life guards radios and the one stationed right behind us was a lot more alert and after a few minutes put up a red flag.

So me and Megan celebrated.

Good bye Green Flag

Hello Red

The reason for the Red Flag

In the middle

And my favourite photo
Hard day at work?

Sea Mist

The missus was told that this happens quite often. We were shocked by this as I had never seen it before and neither had the missus and she has visited quite a lot before we moved.
But our tipster was right. It's already happened three more times in this week alone, this morning it was very dense, I could only just about make out the buildings across the road.

Next is a Double Red Flag. I'm guessing I need a swarm of man-eating jellyfish for this....fingers crossed.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Pogo Alice

I have a few things to tell you about. It's all a bit of a RED theme. Red face, red dress, red flag but I'll get to that, once I've uploaded my 250ish photos from the past 4 days (I'm now getting a pet hate of TAGS/TAGGING)

But I think you should all take 2:43minutes out of your life to check out this fantastic track by Pogo called Alice.
I've completely fallen in love with it.

He has other songs based on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland over at [HERE]
And they are all free. I expect you all to have downloaded them and have them on you iPods ASAP. They're all as good as each other.
Seriously. Trip-hop and Alice, what's better?
You can find me at here.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Back in 10

My mum and niece are just over half way through their stay. Having a great time. I'll be back soon with plenty of photos and wierd stuff.
Until then here is a mini catch up for the whole of blog...