Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Yes Diggity

unless you've not been paying attention here or to my Twitter @itsmoirob i'm moving house
tomorrow infact
things might be a little hectic, out of place and quiet here for a few days
could it be possible to get quieter then I have been the last few weeks?

to keep you entertained for that duration (and to try out a new feature) here is a list of my favourite Diggs in the last week


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Monday, 26 January 2009

Monday Monday

Its Monday morning and we all know what that means...

The shops are open again and that means I can get some PG Tips.

However there was a slight set back this morning when there was a power cut in the whole town.

Back online and working after a town wide powercut. Just what I need on a Monday morning a good (real) reason to NOT work.
25 minutes ago from Twitter

But there is something prehistoric and fun about hunting around darkened grocery stores trying to find the items you want.

But I'm pretty sure that cavemen didn't hunt PG Tips by night. Or at all.

Despite researchers attempts no evidence can be found of this type of situation.

Although this theory it might explain why they use monkies in their ads.

Anyway, back to my cuppa.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

After a morning of packing

After a morning of packing, this is what we have.

Things packed

Various bags

DVDs and a tent

Clothes and WiiFit

We have accumulated many more things then when we originally arrived. Although I think perhaps about 25%~33% of the clothes in these bags are clothes that we haven't worn in a while/since we arrived.

But there are a few things that we haven't packed, mainly Red
Red out catching a few droplets

So after spending most of the morning packing we now have very little to do during the week........except move.

Oh and all this without a cup of tea. :(

Sunday, bloomin Sunday

I still find it hard to adjust to Sundays here. It's can be pretty quiet at times. A bit like a few years back in England when shops were not allowed to open.

Most shops here are closed of a Sunday still. The only ones open are tourist-y ones and that's during the tourist season.

But the small grocery stores and supermercados they stay closed. So for the essential important items, like PG Tips, you can't get them on a Sunday if you were to run out.
Days, for example, like today.

After making a cup of tea for me and the missus this morning I realised that we have run out of such an essential item.

Back in England, if this was to occur, I know I could of just gone down the local Co-Op and been back making a cup of tea within 5 minutes.

What's made this particular situation harder today is that we are packing for our move. And all this hard work will seem so much harder without the medicinal strength giving properties of leaves and cow juice.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Tapping red shoes and singing

There is no place like a new home.

After days waiting around for a response from our letting agent we have now been confirmed a moving in date in to our new home.
Originally planned for the 1st of February we were able to get the date moved forwards a few days to this coming Thursday.
Which is a good date really as we get chance to move in and then the weekend is straight upon us.

Another good reasons for this date is we get kicked out next Friday.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Touching El Cielo

Just before Christmas I went for a little walk up a hill. Here's what happened.

El Cielo means either sky or Heaven in Spanish and it's also the name of the nearest mountain in Nerja.
Before I started I wasn't too sure whether 'sky' or 'heaven,' applied in this case. I was told that there was a Cross on the top of the mountain.

In hindsight I should of realised The Cross was a giveaway.

From here to the top of that 'hill' and back.

Although we were told that the walk wouldn't be the furthest (13km), it was a the highest up to now. Taking in to account that the World isn't flat it worked out that the total length of the walk was almost increased by 50% (up to 20km) by the height of the mountain.

Although being that high up had it advantages, mainly the views.
Someone, not me, pointing towards Nerja

And this is a close up of Nerja

Its very hill-y in this area of the World

So after walking to what people considered the 'base' of the mountain things started to get hard. We had already done about 7km up quite a bit of a hill but the hardest was about to come.
We skirted around the edge of the mountain. A few people couldn't handle it and turned back at this point, which I was relieved about.
And then just after we thought we had got past the trick-y part we then came to the last section which was the steepest and also on a lot of loose gravel.
I started to think the reason it's call El Cielo is because you spend most of the last section praying to God. And the reason for the Cross could only be to make your prays heard much better.

But as we scrambled up the spirally last section I glimpsed for the first time the Cross. And it was pretty impressive

I see you now

But eventually we made it to the peak and seen the cross in all its glory
Facing Nerja

Immediately on reaching the top I began kissing the ground and being thankful for making it in one piece.
The I sat down and had some sandwiches looking over some great views were I could see the start of the Sierra Nevadas Malaga, Almunecar and even across the Mediterranean at the mountains of Morroco.
(Unfortunately I forgot to upload some really fantastic panaromas I got and lost the photos after reformatting the laptop. But the views were fantastic)

Then everyone got their photo taken at the cross
Proof I was there

And you might be able to tell from that above photo that the cross is mirrored. The cross faces directly towards Nerja and at sunset the sun is reflected off the mirrors and if you have a good eye you can spot the little white dot on top of the mountain.

Nerja reflected in the cross

At one point while we were eating some guy walked off and came back with a snowball, which was pretty impressive. When I went to lok on teh dark side of the mountain and could see a load of snow but it was far too steep of a climb to get to it. So unfortunately I missed on touching snow for the first time in a while.

And then when it was time to pack up and leave we took an easier down hill route at which point my phone decided to die and I lost the stats for 1/3rd of my walk, which was annoying.

And despite being a hard and long walk the views were certainly worth it. But I could never do that tricky walk on my own. Far too scary.

But while we were at the top the last walk of the season was pointed out to me. This mountain is much higher. Over a thousand feet higher. This is now the walk I most looking forward and least looking forward to do.
Navachica. I think? See you soon.

Friday, 16 January 2009

The NYE Post

Yeah it has been a while but it's time to get this guy out in the open.

The missus had her parents visiting for Christmas and New Years so we all decided to go down to the Balcon de Europa (main square) to celebrate the Spanish way, which consists of eating a grape with every chime of the bell at midnight.
But just lots of people gather and do this at the same time.

In Britain I'd expect them to advise on wearing safety specs just in case there are "shooting pips."

So as you'd expect an un-experienced Brit attending a Foreign event we turned up too early. Much too early in fact. Like at 10pm! You'd think that wouldn't be too early but no one else was there. We were a but lucky the bars were open. But for celebrating The New Year the Spanish leave it pretty late and not starting until gone 11ish.

The Crowd

When we arrived I went for a walk to see what was on show and if I could spot where the fireworks would be coming from.
I certainly did spot the fireworks. Unattended and open to anyone to stand in the middle.
Health and Safety first

We past away the time by playing dress up

Tuck in
And finally twelve oclock came. I was given the task of photographing the moment. Moments before my mum phoned to go through the Spanish New Years moment. So I had a phone under my chin, eating grapes out of small cup while trying to take photo's.
I'd like to see THAT on Krypton Factor.

Swoosh BANG

And then a few of us went over to a "British" bar where we celebrated a "British" New Year at 1am with traditional Auld Lang Syne.

Not to long after that everyone went home at a nice sensible time.

The next day I took a walk down to the beach and it was packed. It was strange walking along the beach and seeing families out playing in the sand and sunbathing. Mind you it was in the 20's.

So all in all it was a very strange New Years Eve.

Friday, 9 January 2009

New Home

Mainly for those that have not kept up with my updates on twitter and facebook.

Yesterday me and the missus put down a deposit on our new apartment. It's a wonderful little apartment.

Our list of things that the apartment MUST have where

  1. Not to be on The Big Hill; our current apartment is situated half way on a hill notorious for being a struggle to get up
  2. To have a terrace; or a balcony, not sure the difference
  3. Somewhere quieter; I've complained a few times about the noise level when people leave/enter the building and pass by our window.
  4. Having some privacy; related to terrace above. At the moment we have no where to sit when it's hot. The last few week have had some lovely sunbathing days here and we have no where to sit on such occasion. Also when it is hot and we have all the doors and windows open everyone who needs to enter the building will walk past our open front door. It's a little annoying.

We did have a pool for the last year. Only it was open for just a few months over summer. And during that time we didn't use it that much. We decided we would rather give up a pool for a terrace and some privacy.

So the missus spotted this particular apartment on a our current letting agents website and we arranged to see it. It was over our budget but, possibly thanks to economy and low sterling, the owner accepted €450 without hesitation.

We had our appointment on Wednesday to view some properties. After seeing two (thumbs down) the agent realised she left the keys to the property we wanted to see in the office.
Rather the re-arranging, the missus, surprisingly but not forward, told the agent that she had to see this last one today.

After picking up the keys and setting foot in the apartment we both fell in love with it straight away.
It's a cute, one bedroom, spacious apartment. It's at the very end of a dead end road, which is gated off, so no worries about vehicle noise. It's semi-detached along with a handful of other similar apartments and the front door is away from the main path, so no worries about pedestrian noise. It's very well lit due to full window door along on side.
But then comes the best bit. The doors open up on to a small private terrace. The terrace has some patio furniture, table and four chairs, a sun lounger and still some extra space.
The view is fantastic. A panorama is needed really. It has one view that stretches from the sea and beach, across the roof tops of town and right across to the mountains. (You may of seen how pretty the mountains already look in some of my other panoramas)
Plus it faces west so basically we get sun on us from before mid-day right through to sunset.
Basically the terrace alone would be worth the asking €500.
It doesn't have a pool but the steps lead down to almost on top of the beach.

The annoying thing is it's still on The Big Hill.

Well 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

But enough of the romance and back to the drama.

Straight after walking out we told the agent we wanted this one. She let us know that she had a couple viewing it the following day, lucky the missus put her foot down earlier on when the keys had been left in the office.
We told them that we definitely wanted this one right away, the agent half said that if that's the case then she could not show the other couple the apartment the following day.
She did say that if we could pay a months deposit then we could guarantee it.

Unfortunately, as most will know, the first week in January isn't very good on the wallet.
After a trip to England, which made us skint anyway, Christmas presents, Christmas and New Years drinks, paying current house rent and bills we didn't have an awful lot.
In fact we had about €500 to our name until pay day.
Also that €500 was had just been transferred from our UK account to the Spanish account so in fact was no where right now and available funds to us was £100 still in UK account and the money in out pockets.

When we check online the money wasn't in our account and so begun our night of worrying. We knew if anyone else set foot inside there then it would be taken straight away.
I had one last check online to see if the money had gone in. I don't know why I checked as it was only a few hours after I last checked. But to my surprise the money had gone in.

So the next day we made a dash across town, stopping by the cash machine, which involved yet ANOTHER drama as we could only take out €300 at a time. We ended up having to use three different cards to different accounts to scrape the money together.
Then we dashed off to the agents to pay off the deposit and hold the apartment.

All went well and we explained the reason for being early and wanted to hold the apartment and the agent told us that the person showing us around was currently showing around the second couple and she was supposed to be heading to that apartment.

So it was very close indeed.

We move in at the beginning of February and I can't wait to get in there. The space, privacy, terrace and view is too much excitement for me and I don't know if I have the patience to sit around here.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

It fells a lot like Christmas

As I've bene out of the apartment for the last 2 weeks I'm playing cath up with some blog entries.
This one is from my Spanish Christmas. The most significant thing about this is that it is actually Spanish Christmas TODAY.

Feliz dia de los Tres Reyes.

But here is how things went down with me this Christmas Eve

The local Council have a great set up where they have a Santa parade around streets where Santa and his helpers give out sweets*.


Packing up

Little Helpers


Handing out sweets

Then on Christmas Eve everyone went out for a small drink
Yes, that kind of small drink

And wore silly hats

Various silly hats

Had a little dance

Copied the DJ

Then it all got a little fuzzy, including the photos.

And a few hours later we got to open up all are many presents under the huge Christmas Tree**

And here is the slideyshow

There where a few downsides to Christmas though.
I have to admit this is the one Christmas ever when I was half hoping to get some socks and underwear as in teh last few days/weeks I've noticed mine are getting thin on the material side. But to my surprise I didn't get one single present of socks. Not one.
On the plus side though I will hopefully stop unconsciously singing Christmas songs now that it's all over.


*Giving out sweets is polite, they actually launch the sweet at anyone within range. The young, elderly and injured are most open to attack.
**You may think that is a small Christmas Tree but you would be wrong. I was just standing really far away when I took that photo.