Friday, 31 October 2008

Happy Halloween

well it looks like we have a winner


hopefully, if the rain stops, ill get chance to debut the quesadilla killer at mauis halloween party this evening

happy halloween readers

HUGE thanks once again to daisy

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Fuente del Esparto walk

So on Sunday I had my first walk with the Nerja Walking Club. This time, rather then it just being me walking up a hill this time it was lead by a proper guide towards some decent mountains.
Although we didn't go up any mountains with this being the very first walk of the group.
But it was strange walking about at the end of October in 20+ degree heat and clear skies. Very strange indeed. But starting about now is the best time to go walking around here.

Anyway, here is the route I took along with some info on the trek. All thanks to my N95 and Nokia Sports Tracker.
Also I'd lke to add, something happened to the GPS at one point. I did not travel--or fall--at 50+km/h

But here are a few of my favourite photos.

The beginning

An idea of where I can go

The Fuente del Esparto
The name of the walk comes from this here fountain. It's a natural spring and the water coming out is coming directly from the mountain. And it tastes lovely.

There where quite a few cave homes that we passed.

El Cielo cross
But this is where I can't wait to walk to. This walk is not until middle of December with the walking club and the mountain is called El Cielo, which means The Sky.
The moutain is taller the Ben Nevis, the tallest in the UK.
If you click the bigger picture you might just be able to make out on the second peak from the left a tiny little white dot. That is in fact a cross placed on their. I don't know why....yet. But I can't wait to get up their and see the views. Hopefully the weather won't be too cloudy that day.

But here is some nice panaroma views
Moutain 1

Moutain 2

And finally the slide show.

I had a great time on this walk and although it was the easy I was able to find out the perfect starting point for dozens of walks in the mountains. And I will definitely be heading up there any clear weekends we have. I'm definitely made up I went.
Plus I'm told that the guy who runs this has adapted some maps to show a longitude and latitude that I would be able to recognise, rather then some Spanish co-ordinates. When I have that map I'll be able to do my own walks

Friday, 24 October 2008

Nice view

what my new town looks like without tourists


and i think the guitarist was getting more of a response from the palm trees then the people

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Some news not regarding me

From the BBC.

Fire crews hunt escaped hamster

Eight firefighters have been called in to help find an escaped hamster in East Lothian.

Two crews used a chocolate-covered camera and a vacuum cleaner to try and locate missing Fudgie at six-year-old Zoe Appleby's home in Dunbar.

Fire crews spent five hours trying to recover the pet after it scuttled down a hole in the kitchen floor.

But, the hamster, who was being looked after for a friend during the holidays, is still refusing to come out.

My favourite bit from this story line comes a little later on though...

Mrs Appleby said: "We came down for breakfast and discovered Fudgie had opened the top lid of her cage and she had made her way into the kitchen and we reckon she has gone through the smallest of holes in the kickboards where the units are."

Yeah, it was the hamster. Overnight it grew stronger/learnt to lock pick and made a run for it.
I guess it was bored of doing the same thing it does every night and trying to take over the World.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Let's go!

just a few days after spotting a friendly grasshopper watching some ants it now appears he may have to be careful

whether it was him alerting the ants, the cooler weather we have be having or the thunderstorm we had the other day something stirred the ants

oh and be warned, these are not like pesky little ants, these are gi-ants

the hippest ant hang out, The Rock

from this height all the ants look like the size of ants

but often i've spotted lonely ants searching for food, a house, something? and just wondering the streets
and they weren't sticking to the mud, they were all over the roads and paths

but a little bit like this guy
if you look closer you can see hit claws on his gi-ant shiney head

also i'd just like to point out that trying to photograph these guys was hard work, especially in flipflops
if i stood still for longer then a second i had ants crawling up my legs and biting me
for some time after i still thought i had ants in my hair, pants, just about anywhere

ps if you havent noticed i have a bit of poll on the side there>>>>>>
all names were suggested by daisy (thanks daisy)
you can vote--well you should be able to--as often as you like
and you dont get redirected from this site
so go trigger happy

Saturday, 18 October 2008

My new best friend

it seems that jo jumped the gun

yesterday i purchased this
at first it was a little but more effective then we had planned
but now the flies seem to be a bit more cocky today and we've had chance to test it out
and it works perfect

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Indiana Robbie

how i feel today
Indiana Robbie

and yes i am winning
i havent seen a fly for some time now


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

when theres family, theres...



phone charger
camera charger
dvd video recorder charger
dvd ac adapater
nintendo ds charger
a few adapters thrown in for good measure

not included
all wires to connect various phones & cameras to laptop headphones and laptop plugs

how it looks after everyone has left

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Live Blogging:Thundery day

Who knows what I might use Live Blogging for? I thought I might just try it out for the day.

You may want to refresh your browser now adn then. Or just come back through out the day.

Monday, 13 October 2008

And relax

so my family are now back safe in the england
the missus friends too
the feria is over
i think?
today is a bank holiday* here in spain although that hasn't stopped me--or the beach--from taking a day off

things can start to get back to normal
i can kick that holiday feeling--eating in a lot of the times is nicer then eating out

so what's next?


like i mentioned in a previous blog--which can i add no one guessed i was a member of "Baywatch"--i need help in for my next role

here goes

my costume is luchadores, mexican wrestler
i need, from you, ideas on a name--something like nacho libre--and if you're really down with your wwfs a wrestling move/pose
also if you want to put in more input, should i 1)wear a pair of metallic gold/siver/other colour leggings with a painted or unpainted chest
or a all in one olympic style suit

*i'm not sure it is a real bank holiday
it just seems to be a day when the the police all have a day off

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Watching you watching them


i spotted these guys on a walk about before
they've been doing a lot of hard work
but if you look closer you might see they have some unfriendly neighbours keeping a keen eye on them

Thursday, 9 October 2008

There's a party on the hill dyawanna come?

So the Feria started yesterday. The Feria is the last major fiesta in Nerja's calendar--with the exception of New Year.

Basically it's like a travelling fair, but on steroids. Like I said there's a fair ground, bars, music, live shows--dancing and singing, Pussy cat Dolls where at Malagas Feria earlier on in the year so that's how big these village parties get--lights and games where you can win prizes, which the missus won a prize on, on her very first go.

I think it's pretty much open 24 hours a day for about 4 or 5 days and it looks like a lot of fun.

Although we did go to the opening yesterday-pictures to follow of course--we didn't stay too long as the missus had friends who flew in only yesterday so we thought it'd be best they rest.

So tonight we are off ot to enjoy a proper night out at the festival.....if the rain stays away and I'm very muc looking forward to it.

I'll try and get some photos uploaded sooner then later. With the family having left on Tuesday I have a bunch of photos and amusing videos to upload from their visit first.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Dressing up

the other week was the last night--at least for the Winter--of one of the new friends I've made in Spain and another's birthday
to celebrate the night there was an anything-goes-theme-fancy-dress-party.

see if you can guess who me and the missus went as?

this is me

"Wait, what's that over there?"

[Click here for a giveaway hint]

and the missus?
I feel sorry for the missus as she had to walk all the way to the square in hers.

Although some might say her costume was missing seven small things...

The Girls

And no-one said it was just girls that can have fun?

A pirate getting a touch up

Is this why people are scared of clowns?

all the photos

[direct link]

Also I'll be needing a little input on my next Halloween-themed fancy dress costume, more and that a little later.

Because they're worth it

After playing around with Google's Chrome for about a month I recently went back to Opera. I don't know why but it just feels nicer--and this is excluding all of the additional features that Opera has built in to it's browser over other browsers, RSS feed, IMAP to name the main ones.
Now it seems like Opera has rewarded me with Opera 9.6. Personally I think you should try out the Opera browser for yourself, it's a treat.
They're more innovative with their browser then any one else and they have a great community.

And although this video doesn't do the browser justice, it's just very pretty and well made.

For those that like to read a lot of blogs and news online you will benefit a lot with the new "Show Scroll Marker," which is just a simple see-through but noticeable line that keeps track of where you where last up to when scrolling down a page. It's a simple and very effective feature that makes you think "why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?"

[Opera Browser ver 9.60]

Thursday, 2 October 2008

I Reckoner

A few months ago Radiohead announced a video contest for their In Rainbows album.

The guys liked this one so much they are using it as their official video; and just because Reckoner is my favourite track of the album and also because I haven't had chance to post anything proper the last few days as I have guests...

Radiohead - Reckoner - by Clement Picon

You can also check out--and make your own--remixes of Reckoner here.