Friday, 14 May 2010

facebook. 28 days later edition.

I've recently been trying to get away from facebook. Not because of all this talk of privacy issues. But mainly because I leave it on in the background too much.

I work from home, so the only interaction I have at "work" are via Twitter/facebook status updates.

But like I say, I've recently been trying to curb my facebook usage. I've gone as far as to remove it from my speed dial. It's now no longer a simple click away, I have to manually type in the address, which gives me a few seconds to tell myself "no."

But there has been lots and lots of talk lately about facebooks privacy issues, lots of people no wanting out. "delete facebook account" is now in google's Top 10 of Hot Trends.

I'm getting a eerie feeling that when I do ultimately return to facebook it's going to be one empty place with nothing but tumble weeds, a few die hard fans still creating "1,000,000 people join this group Zac will join" groups and me.


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Shelby said...

Hmm.. I admire your strength in trying to give up Facebook.. I need to do that, too!

tumble weeds and you.. that made me laugh!