Friday, 4 June 2010

A Tale of the Rich and the Poor

So I've not really been in to Nottingham since moving here. I'm not too sure why that is, especially since I "have car, will travel."

I was just rummaging around on Google Maps for nice parks, galleries, places to visit when I spotted The Tales of Robin Hood.

This sounded like just the place I should visit. Nottingham. Robin Hood. It goes without thinking.

It turns out though that Robin Hood, and his "Tales of," was robbed by the rich to give to the richer.

At least there is a nice park.

Anyone been to or live in Nottingham. Any good ideas for places to visit for day's out or early evening drinks?


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Helen said...

I lived in Nottingham for six years. It's a great city. I didn't really do much by way of days out. I did do a lot of early evening drinking though. There are lots of bars down by the waterfront that are lovely on a sunny afternoon/evening. Plus The Orange Tree does gorgeous cocktails.

Robbie said...

Thanks Helen. Will have to try around there. Will report back.