Thursday, 16 December 2010

Look what I found after dusting off Chrome

I've been using Chrome since this morning. You can tell it's been a while since I last used Chrome as look what I found in the most visited tabs section;

None other then our old friend Google Wave. Remember that? That didn't last very long did it!

There is a reason for me using Chrome though.

Google and it's browser Chrome are running a campaign at the moment called Chrome for Causes. I've recently moved back to using Chrome for the next few days - to the 19th to be exact - while this campaign is in effect.

What Chrome for Causes does is, with every tab you open in Chrome while you have the Chrome for Causes extension Google will donate money to charity.

The extension itself tries to get you to open new tabs with every new page you load buy having your current opened tabs count on the extension - mine since this morning is sitting at 68 - and also giving you pop up messages every so often, ie "You've opened your 10th tab, that's enough for a tree to be planted."

I like good causes but find that I don't really do much. But if I can do something while simple surfing the web that donates books, money, clean water to charities then I'm all for it. I've never opened as many new tabs for no reason at all. I'm middle clicking everything I want to read or reply to.

You can also get Chrome for Causes here

Or if you already have Chrome installed get the extension here

Chrome is very good browser and made a few innovations since it's arrival on the scene. Even if' it's just for a few days everyone in the World should be using Google's Chrome for Causes.

You can read a bit more on Chrome for Causes here

PS On or before the 19th you should send Google Chrome to Opera's homepage and download Opera 11. It's my favourite browser and one of the quickest, safest and even at 11 is still more innovative then the other browsers.
And they have some of the best minds working on advertising.


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