Friday, 13 February 2009

air strike

we dont often see planes in these parts
perhaps now and then we might see one cross-atlantic (???) jet high above but we never hear it
in fact just after we moved here we went a few months without seeing a single jumbojet or trail

we do get a lot of other different airborne travelers

there are alot of very low flying helicopters that pass right over us
this one hung around for a little while circling

i also see, more often in the summer, low flying single/double seater small engine planes
the biggest plane ive seen was a fire plane that was skimming just over the sea
it made some pretty huge waves

i even once seen a hot air balloon parked on the beach

and we very frequently get power paragliders
like this guy who has been hanging high outside for the last 10 minutes
seen here with a winged friend

and alot of the time i wonder what it looks like from up there
above everything else but still low enough to hear all the sounds
but most of the times i wonder where did they come from and where do they plan on going next?

and ive just popped my head out the window and paraglider man is still there

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