Monday, 16 February 2009

Cold feet

One of the most notable things you would spot in any given Spanish casa is lack of carpet. Anywhere.

The Spanish, at least here on the South coast, have done away with carpets. I'm not completely sure if this is a decoration thing or it is to keep mi casa y frio casa in the scorching summer months.

A desgin flaw in these tiles is that they become freezing cold in winter months. Like ridiculously cold.
Cold enough to hurt your feet.
Cold enough to make me wear these when wandering around the house and sunbathing on the balcony...(And as I work from home I do A LOT of wandering around the apartment.)
Somewhere back in the UK and old man looks for his slippers

Although they ain't all too bad...

Proud owner of a new pair of slippers. No more cold feet for me. Plus I feel about 5 inches taller in these.
3:40 PM Feb 12th from Me

But it's strange that over the past few decades that the Spanish have had this same recurring problem once a year that nothing has been done about it. I mean the Spanish like to keep their houses cool, including not having ANY central heating all this time (and they've only just discovered ovens-don't get me started on that). And it's not like this is a colder then normal winter here.

So I have only one question, how are they getting away with the cold floor problem?

Personally I suspect the Spanish have evolved these....

Penguin feet. For the coldest of cold casa floors

Now I just need to hatch a plan to get a Spanish person to remove their shoes...

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