Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Woosh zoom

I’ve mentioned on here before that there are some strange flying vehicles that I see around here. Yesterday I heard a very strange helicopter propeller noise.

I had a quick look outside and saw this

What appears to be a mini helicopter 

It hovered around for a bit and I got a better shot and on closer inspection it looks like a go-kart-esque helicpter

Idea for the next Mario Kart perhaps? 

It looks like the helicopter forgot it’s roof. You can even see the pilots and passengers heads.

So a little while later I heard an even louder helicopter noise. I need to check if it was “Dia de Costa Helicopter” or something?

This time when I looked I saw this monster

Looks a bit like Airwolf! 

Things then got a little heated and there was a helicopter stand off. Or chopper off. Or propeller off.

“Get outta my airspace Big Guy!”

I really wish that I had tracked and zoomed on that last photo a bit better.

Soon after that both ‘copters disappeared and I went back to making a den for Liz Lemon.

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miss*H said...

that is an answesome helecopter!
Do you think they used this guide?: