Friday, 1 May 2009

Can I Digg it?

With it being an extended weekend and my visit back to the UK later this evening I have declared the office ‘Dress Down Friday.’

And for this occasion I will be accessorising.

Nice hat
I’ve decided to try out a hat for the next few days/weeks/summer.

So I will be heading back to Runcorn for a few days to celebrate a birthday. And I was investigating the weather (what else is a Brit to do but worry about the weather)
Seems I’ll be missing out

Stop hiding Sun

Not good. Not good at all. At least my hat should keep me dry.

But your all here for your Friday Digg fix. Today’s a video fun packed feast to get you through your one day extended rainy weekend. Happy May!

We Didn’t Start the Flame War. This video should be the very first thing any new persons to teh interwebs should see. For bonus epic pwnage read the comments in Digg. How’d they do that? [video]

TV edit of Snakes on a Plane. This is how not to sound repitivie you mother f**ckers. Although it’s a fight between “monkey fighting” and “monkey frying.” Which one is it? [video]

Denise Richards’ Fun Bags. I ain’t saying no more about her Fun Bags as I’d get in trouble.

Durex Warranty. Nice design. [photo]

Japanese Food. It’ comes in very small packages. [photos]

6 Random Coincidences That Created The Modern World. I wonder the World would be if just one of these didn’t happen? [article]

A Real North West England Urban Legend. Man breeches “muscle squeeze and squat ban” (WTF??). Two words. Purple Aki! [news]

The Dark Knight 1960’s. Why so serious? [video]

Ferries Bueller Fight Club Theory. Great idea. I wish it was true. [article]

Empire State Building:Made by hands. Photos from when ESB was built. The good old Healty and Safety-less days.

Pumpcast News. News at your local gas pump. Funny skit. [video]

And finally. From this weeks popbitch, again.

 “A story about a big squirrel and a baby squirrel.”

JUMP little guy JUMP!


miss*H said...

I'm liking the hat! Runcorn is where my best friend lived for a long time before she moved dawn sarf

Robbie said...

@Miss*H Was she from Runcorn or did she move there for a bit? Can't see why anyone would want to move there. It's my home town and I love it to bits but I wouldn't suggest anyone move there.

miss*H said...

She is from Runcorn originally...moved away when she was about 14 i think.
I quite liked it when I went to visit her friends a few years back but then I didn't venture into the town so no idea what that is like