Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Going on a summer holiday

At the end of the week I head back to the Homeland for some catching up, cooling down and a wedding.

The thing’s I am mostly looking forward to in my three weeks in the UK are cheap stores, cheap video games, sandwich delis, cordon bleu (+mash), KFC, McMuffins and thick based pizzas.

Outside of food I’m looking forward to the weather. Despite living in a country most Brits visit for their hols and living in weather conditions most Brits want, constant 30+c heat is not all it’s cracked up to be. I really can’t wait for a little bit of rain R&R.

It’s also going to be good catching up with old friends.
My last two visits to the UK I’ve not really tried to get hold of anyone, well my last visit was only for 2 days so I couldn’t. This time round I’ve sent numerous requests on facebook to catch up with old friends.
And there is where I’ve come to notice some differences between how me and my friends arrange drinks/nights out and how the missus and co do their planning.

The missus will (and has) had most of her visit back all planned out. What she is doing, with who and when. This has been done for months. In London due to the sheer size of things, location, commutes, friend circles, office hours it can be hard to pin down friends.

Where I’m from in a small town up North that’s not how we roll. Everything is last minute. In fact you could just call up a friend and actually go out and meet them later that day. I know it might sound like a crazy idea to those reading this in the capital but it can happen.

Sometimes this annoys the missus as she likes to know what is happening and I always tell her nothing is planned (she has not learnt not to ask this and just go with things)

Although this way of thinking was made more apparent when I recently got in touch with some friends about meeting up in less then two weeks time.

Exhibit 1. Having told a friend I will be back in Runcorn next week he assumed I meant the following day and arranged a date. We just don’t think about making dates that far in advance.

Exhibit. Having told second friend that I will be back next week, his reply is to not even think about making a date and arranging it later. We just don’t consider making dates this far in advance.

Apart from all that, I’ve read up on advice for some deep and very long Japanese RPG game (Final Fantasy III) for my DS and stuck a few seasons of Family guy on my N95 as well as some new albums (if you haven’t heard them already I strongly recommend you check out Girl Talk and Santigold) which should cover all my time on planes, trains and automobiles.

All that is left is to pack the suitcase.


miss*H said...

I think you are just a typical male. I like to have everything planned out so I know what I am doing, with whom and where but Mr W leaves everything till the last minute. He's so laid back about organisation he's pratically horizontal, but all of his mates are the same and usually his plans all work out whereas my organised plans usually go tits up as ppl change their minds about where they wanna go, whether they wanna go etc. More hassel than its worth half the time. But I think thats the differnce between girls and boys organisation.

What is district 9? (i'm guessing a film?)

Robbie said...

@Kitty So you think it's a sex thing over a location thing?
District 9 is in fact a movie. Peter Jacksons (Lord of the Ring, King Kong) new film in fact. Looks good, check out the trailer