Thursday, 2 July 2009

Beach Boys

This weekend just gone I had a friend over for a couple of days. We had a good relax down on the beach, a few nights out (one failed beach themed party. If you’re going to throw a beach themed party make sure a few of your customers show up in beach gear) and barbeque.

While down on the beach I got to do a few things that I don’t normally do on the beach, playing frisbee and bat’n’ball.

As much as me and the missus enjoying going down to the beach as much as possible we have very different views on what to do when down there. I get very bored quite quickly if I’m just left with a book or mp3 player so I’ll always be looking to do something active. Go for a swim, snorkelling, anything which passes the time away.

Now the missus she likes to work her tan. I don’t mind working on my tan either but if I stay still for too long then I get much much hotter then if I’m moving about. So she normally takes a book and ipod down to the beach. (I think the reasons for these is to distract her from me looking very bored when it’s too wavey/cold to do anything in the sea.)

So my friend being over and doing some extra activities was possibly one of the best times down on the beach I’ve had.  And despite not playing for a while I’m a damn good thrower of a frisbee. And a very good catcher.

Bat’n’ball, I’’m not so good at.

So now that my frisbee throwing partner has gone, whose going to keep me occupied on the beach?

Everyone knows, girls can’t throw/catch.

Speaking of the beach, that’s where I’ve just got from. I went down a little too early. The missus wanted to top up her tan while there were no crowds (read that as no one AT ALL) and it was a bit chilly to go snorkelling. But I still managed a little bit. Reminds me of when I first moved here.

P7024500Getting my feet wet

Very quite this morning

P7024519The striped white bream are still about

Some fish I can’t spot. Might have to go and relearn my fish species 

Looking forward to more snorkelling. Will have to make a day of it while the missus is away over the weekend. See if I can spot any wrasse, goby’s or shiney Cow Bream.


pinkjellybaby said...

I would have played frisbee with you today but you didn't even take it to the beach! :p

miss*H said...

I get too hot and bothered if I sit for too long on the beach so I have to get up and do something. Once I was snorkeling in Thailand for 2 hrs...I burnt myself so badly I could not more for 3 days!!!! Snorkeling is bad :(

Robbie said...

@PJB I'll pack the frisbee next time.

@Kitty I hate sunbathing on my front so I find swimming/snorkelling handy to tan the back.

fabulous said...

I ignored the comment about girls not being able to throw or catch.
As for being bored at the beach. You are a boy. Boys like to do stuff. Girls like to potter about and do nothing.
We dont want to go throwing a frisbee and get all hot and sweaty. We like to chill and listen to the waves. I like a good swim in the sea myself, or a pool and snorkling was cool when i went to the Maldives. But generally i like to read a book or listen to some music.

Shelby said...

I'm like you... just laying for hours eating up all the sun gets boring. Frisbee is fun.

Do the fish swim around your feet?

Mon said...

Doesn't it freak you out swimming with fish? I'm petrified of them. Going windsurfing at the end of the month though, looking forward to that even though it's on the Baltic sea. :)