Thursday, 8 October 2009

Looked what the cat dragged in

Each evening Liz Lemon and Scruffy cat will play on the balcony. Lately they've been fighting over a small rubber lizard toy.

Tonight was slightly different. There was a bit more commotion. Almost like the lizard really was alive.

Then I took a closer look through the big glass door and noticed that Liz Lemon had in her a mouth a praying mantis.

Me, lover of all creatures attempted to save the poor praying mantis from the clutches of an over excited kitten.

After looking half dead on the floor I slid it on to a card (actually it was a wedding invite, sorry sis) and placed it in a bush. Where it made a quick recovery and climbed up the branches.

I've kept on guard for the mantis for the last hour or so making sure none of the cats spot it as they do their casual walk across the wall of the balcony. Luckily none have noticed it but they have spent more time in that corner then before. Perhaps they know and are just playing with me.

Perhaps not.

Either way. The mantis is fine. And it's still sat on the same bush just hanging around.

Good catch Liz Lemon

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