Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Spoiler Alert

Spotted this ride with some major spoiler help. Don't know how poor this guy thinks his aerodynamics are but can't be four spoiler bad.

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miss*H said...

forget the ridiculous spoiler..have you noticed the scary kids in the shop window?!

Punctuation said...

Note the towing hook - the spoiler is deflect the air up past the top of the caravan - without it the whole lot acts like a massive air brake.

[Reads back what I've just written] oh my God - I am sooooo old to know this about caravans...]

Robbie said...

@Kitty I spotted that. Unfortunately if you look closer it's actually a cardboard cut out. When I first realised it I felt a bit sad, like when you realise there wasn't really a ghost in Three Men and a Baby but just a cut out Ted Danson

@Punctuation Yes I noticed that also. Perhaps that's why he needed the four?
Although you don't get many caravans on the south coast, not sure what he is towing though.