Monday, 13 October 2008

And relax

so my family are now back safe in the england
the missus friends too
the feria is over
i think?
today is a bank holiday* here in spain although that hasn't stopped me--or the beach--from taking a day off

things can start to get back to normal
i can kick that holiday feeling--eating in a lot of the times is nicer then eating out

so what's next?


like i mentioned in a previous blog--which can i add no one guessed i was a member of "Baywatch"--i need help in for my next role

here goes

my costume is luchadores, mexican wrestler
i need, from you, ideas on a name--something like nacho libre--and if you're really down with your wwfs a wrestling move/pose
also if you want to put in more input, should i 1)wear a pair of metallic gold/siver/other colour leggings with a painted or unpainted chest
or a all in one olympic style suit

*i'm not sure it is a real bank holiday
it just seems to be a day when the the police all have a day off

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