Monday, 20 October 2008

Let's go!

just a few days after spotting a friendly grasshopper watching some ants it now appears he may have to be careful

whether it was him alerting the ants, the cooler weather we have be having or the thunderstorm we had the other day something stirred the ants

oh and be warned, these are not like pesky little ants, these are gi-ants

the hippest ant hang out, The Rock

from this height all the ants look like the size of ants

but often i've spotted lonely ants searching for food, a house, something? and just wondering the streets
and they weren't sticking to the mud, they were all over the roads and paths

but a little bit like this guy
if you look closer you can see hit claws on his gi-ant shiney head

also i'd just like to point out that trying to photograph these guys was hard work, especially in flipflops
if i stood still for longer then a second i had ants crawling up my legs and biting me
for some time after i still thought i had ants in my hair, pants, just about anywhere

ps if you havent noticed i have a bit of poll on the side there>>>>>>
all names were suggested by daisy (thanks daisy)
you can vote--well you should be able to--as often as you like
and you dont get redirected from this site
so go trigger happy

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