Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Warts and all

here are some of the photos from Halloween at maui bar, nerja
unfortunately there isnt many as i drank a bit too much too quick and had an earlier night then most
plus the missus turned up late so there isnt many of me

like mentioned earlier Quesadilla Killer won the vote
this was as imaginative as i could get though

Halloween 08
making adjustments

the joker and bar owner dracula
i honestly thought the streets would be full of jokers but this was the only one

skeleton here i thought more looked like one of the guys that beat up the karate kid

unfortunately what you cant see is my whole outfit which included tights and underpants on top
ive been told that some more photos are to appear online so if any good ones come out of my whole outfit ill make sure to link them

two things about the next fancy dress
1) i have to drink more water when out if im thirsty
2) take more photos
3) find something which will top my last outfit which i got a few cheers for
anyone any good ideas for a 70s or 80s costume?

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