Friday, 17 April 2009

Friday Digg along

A few weeks off so there is some catching up to do. Shame Digg continuously tries to break itself when used on Opera as the list’s could be smaller from now.

Interview with Elmo and Gervais.

Hip hop flip flop pop off. This is how he rolls. [gif]
Dark Side of the Rainbow. Infamous video mashup of Pink Floyd album and the yellow brick movie. Never had the patience, nor Dark Side of the Moon…or even a copy of Wizard of Oz to do this. And if your like me now you can try. [video]
Super Mario Russian Dolls. Do. Want. [pic]
Kid can’t kick ball. Just kick it. [video]
Spiderman recues kid from window. With the aid of some juice. [news]
Free Style Rapping. Learn some rhymes “O.I.O.I.O.I.Two” [video]
If Atheists Rule the World. Truth speaks. [video]
Don’t mess with this guy. Period.[pic]
Woman locks herself in car. Not. Saying. A word. [audio]
Boy calls 911 to solve math problem. Those take aways are hard. [audio]
Last rites of Lucky the goldfish.

Bonus. Just because I love Ice Ice Baby.
From popbitch a few weeks back.

Peteybabes writes:
"I think we're gonna have to contend with a
Vanilla Ice revival. I was at the V Festival,
where Virgin had brought him over as a joke
to publicise their hopelessly wrongheaded
campaign to get pop stars to apologise for
supposed crimes against music.

"The last laugh was against them. Vanilla Ice
was way more popular than the supposed headliners
The Killers. We couldn't even get anywhere near
the building let alone get inside. We looked
and we saw through a window a little of the
performance. When the bassline from Ice Ice Baby
came on, I have to admit, even though I've been
to many festivals over the years including most of
the Glastonburys of the 90's, I have never,
NEVER, seen a reaction quite like it." [video]

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