Monday, 29 June 2009

San Juan 09

Before the weekend I attended San Juan. It was quite a strange San Juan to say the least.

Things all started off quite well. Unlike last year were me and the missus spent the whole evening sat on our own, this year we knew people and got to have a bit more fun.
After some time on the beach I went for a little walk, spotted some other friends and doubled the size of our party.
Things were going quite well. The main problem at the beginning of the night was the DJ failed to show up and we didn’t have any music. In fact I didn’t hear much music this year on the beach. More of a fact is that that the beach seemed less busy then last year.
Also I discovered that this years effigy that was to be burnt was of a flame. A flame!? Who burns a flame effigy?
Things took a slight change for the worse at midnight. Just as the fireworks were set to go off and the time when everyone jumps in the sea to wash away evil spirits, two friends of mine and Sams, who are also a couple decide to split. This meant that most of the girls in our original group, being more then slightly drunk disappeared angry/teary/sick for some time.
This meant that my big moment of diving in the sea at midnight and getting more then 6 foot wetter* then last year went unnoticed and unphotographed. Sorry.

Anyways, here are some early photos from a very quiet, sociable, beach party.

Just arrived

Have a nice day

Being prepared is the key

When two become one

Killing time

Parties carry on until dark

Like I mentioned, unfortunately there are no photos of everyone in the sea as I splashing about and the missus was with an upset friend, but imagine me in this photo but a litter wetter and you get the idea.
How I looked before getting wet

Next year I think I’m going to head to one of the other beaches as I hear they have some music and DJ's there.

Here is the slidey show. [source]

*Also I felt quite ill with a cold and sore throat for the next few days.


Anonymous said...

oh thanks for the bum crack picture there.... yum

Robbie said...

Sorry fixed.

Shelby said...

Looked like a ton of fun. Hot but fun... and the scenery looks so pretty. Is your sore throat gone now?

miss*H said...

that looks like fun despite the bad parts. not many places you can get to camp and party on a beach

Monica said...

Oh wow. I'm so jealous - that sky, white sand and delicious sea... I think I may have to flee Germany for a couple of weeks and enjoy Portugal...

Robbie said...

@Shelby Sore throat has almost all gone. Now I have a cough. Not sure if they are related. Scenery is great, in December when it was quite warm there were a few sun bathers and the mountains at the back were covered in snow. Quite strange seeing sunbathers and snow in the one scene.

@Kitty Thats one of the reasons why it;s my favourite festival, for the beach parties. Hope things turn around next year. Not much of a party this year.

@Monica You should ask people you know in Germany if they have a house here in Nerja. There are loads of Germans around here. Might get yourself a cheap holiday that way. Plus it's closer then Portugal.

Monica said...

Great idea, thanks for the tip! :)