Thursday, 24 July 2008

Weird Pictures/Arpeggi

As mentioned earlier, I have my underwater camera back and got chance to take it snorkeling.
Here are some of my favourite photo's

At first all I was spotting was these guys for about 15/20 minutes.
It's quite hard to photograph fish when the current is pushing them, you and your hand about.

But then I spotted these guys
There were two of them.

I followed these two fish for a few seconds, turned around and found myself in a massive shoal of fish
I don't think I'll do a Fish Spot like Lizard Spot, as there were just too many.

Fish seem to live in perfect harmony.

And I just kept seeing more...

And more...

And more still.

But some fish let me get close ups of them.

And after swimming amongst the shoal for about 30 minutes I thought I spotted some old friends
Hey you guys.

But then all the fish got a little bored and headed somewhere else.

You should really check out this set, it's one of my favourites. [LINK|Fish Set Slide Show]
Not bad for my first go.

I was a little worried at first that I might get bored photographing the same three kinds of fish. This is all I've seen since being here. But I've been tipped off that there is an area of coast line abot 15/20 minutes away that is treated as a underwater National Park. They have Moon/Sun Fish, various eels, octopus and even some predatory fish (after little fish I hope and not me). And I'm going the first opportunity I get, ie when the missus is off work.
Can't wait.


Anonymous said...

What camera do you have to get pics like that?

Robbie said...

@Perpetual It's an Olympus S725SW. You might of seen it advertised where the kid drops it in the mud and bangs it around the garden.
It was a birthday present of the missus.
It goes under water for up to about 5 metres.

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I can't see any fish in the top pic!

Nice ones though, I'd rather like an underwater camera I think. Hmmmm...maybe I'll get a case for mine, it's got 'underwater' settings...

Robbie said...

@Joanne They are on the left hand side. There is about 5 or 6 of them. Tiny little things they are. Have another look.

Anonymous said...

I've ordered the Olympus MJU 1030, mainly because its waterproof. I didn't intend taking photo's underwater but now I'll see what it can do.

Robbie said...

@Guiri My friend I think got that camera. He seems really please with it and the few pictures I have seen look really clear.
But the underwater settings work ideal for the strange light settings and fast moving fish.
But it's definitely worth a few snorkels/dives now and then.

Boy in the Smoke said...

They are some AMAZING pictures laddo! Muchos impressed.

And don't think the radiohead reference went un-noticed...

Robbie said...

@Boy There are a few other good fishing places I want to try and visit to get even better pics.
Plus there was a natural progression of the title from "Pictures of fish" to "Weird Fish" to what I have now.