Friday, 11 July 2008

Red Flag day

All of the times I have been down to the beach there has always been a Green Safety Flag up on the lifeguards seats. It's always been interesting to see what conditions you need for a red flag?

Then the other weekend when down the beach with my mum and niece I went for a swim out to the buoys (I really need to find out how far these ones are) and as I was swimming out there was a Sea Mist coming inland.

By time I got to the bouys and turned around I could hardly see the beach as the mist was so dense and everywhere. It was pretty freaky.

By time I had got back to land the fog was just rolling up the beach slowly, it looked, for want of a better word, sweet!

I then looked and noticed that I couldn't see the buoys I had swam too. In fact I couldn't see much of the sea.

Then I could over here a lot of chatter on the life guards radios and the one stationed right behind us was a lot more alert and after a few minutes put up a red flag.

So me and Megan celebrated.

Good bye Green Flag

Hello Red

The reason for the Red Flag

In the middle

And my favourite photo
Hard day at work?

Sea Mist

The missus was told that this happens quite often. We were shocked by this as I had never seen it before and neither had the missus and she has visited quite a lot before we moved.
But our tipster was right. It's already happened three more times in this week alone, this morning it was very dense, I could only just about make out the buildings across the road.

Next is a Double Red Flag. I'm guessing I need a swarm of man-eating jellyfish for this....fingers crossed.


Boy said...

I want to be on a beach!! Damn you! Are you aware how freaking wet it is in Manchester??

Quick question for you: We were having a raging discussion about this in my band t'other day: What's better, The Eraser or In Rainbows?!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

For a moment there I got excited and thought it was raining in spain.


Why can't we just get mist. Sea mist, land mist, any mist. Just not rain and cloud.

Robbie said...

@boy I've heard England has been rainy in general. But you won't be in Manchester for long.
re:quick question. That sure is a toughie. I doubt I could answer that. That's something you'd need more then a comment box to respond too. But I am listening to more In Rainbows stuff at the moment. (But I did spend most of 2006 listening to just The Eraser and DJ Shadow.)

@JoanneYou'll be glad to hear that this morning, where we are staying this week in a town called Frigiliana, it was in fact raining....ok spitting, but water was still falling from the sky.