Saturday, 19 July 2008

Circle peg in a square tray

The last few weeks I've noticed a strange change in the ham that we regularly buy.

Without any notice the ham maker ahs gone from making square slices of ham to round slices of ham.
They haven't mentioned anything, anywhere about this major change.

I quite prefered square ham. It fitted perfectly on the strangly smaller sized bread. Absolutely perfect. It was almost like the ham makers made and effort to go out, measure the size of bread come back and make ham that size.
It was a minute detail to the ham, but it made sandwiches that much better. There was never and excess breadness* on the edges.

Now the makers have changed the design to round ham. This of course means that my sandwiches now have corners of sandwiches where there is nothing but butter. It's pretty plain in those corners.

I just can't understand why a ham maker, without notice and without sticking some sort of "New Improved Ham" (in Spanish of course) label on the front so people would know I don't understand.

Although one good point about the new circle ham is that it's a little tougher. Not that I like tough ham, but I hate it when it's so thin and flimsy that it falls apart as you pull it out of the plastic tray.

*I hate taking a bread only bite in to a sandwich


Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Maybe you could gently bring it up in conversation? I'm sure they'd appreciate the feedback on such an important matter!

Robbie said...

Yeha, at the next jamon meeting I'll mention something ;)

commis chef said...

What's the world coming to!?