Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Plink plink fizz

I'd thought I'd let you know about some headaches I have been getting and no it's not the French.

Although I have a huge liking of all things fishy, lizardy and insecty there is one little critter that gives me huge headaches.

For weeks we kept hearing a loud noise. It sounded almost like a buzz saw. When I first heard it I thought it was the mechanical temporary lifts the painter had erected at the top of our apartment block.
I got around to recording it, but the sound doesn't do it justice. Neither does the volume. Imagine this sound, a little more bass and cranked up to setting 13 on your volume dial.

Cicada Clip 1.wav - Robbie Sherman

Just a constant noise. From when you wake up until in the evening. Very litle breaks aswell.

After many random lookings in trees, walls and bushes I finally found out what it was making the noise.
That really, REALLY loud noise comes from this tiny little guy. A cicada.
"Noise noise noise noise"

Look at him! He's smaller then a little leaf. How does something SO small make such a racket?
They have to be native to France. That's the only explanation. Why else would something so small need to make so much noise unless it had to speak over another lound living thing in order to attract mates?


Anonymous said...

They're not as bad as the French. At least it's background noise not earache....

Betty the Sheep said...

Earplugs are the only solution. :-)

Anonymous said...

Its either take the noise or slowly cook yourself inside with the windows closed!

Robbie said...

@Pinky That is true

@Betty That, or a lizard

@Guiri The lesser of two evils

iSub's said...

It's difficult to find one because of it and the tree color.
You feel lucky this time ^^)