Monday, 11 August 2008

A short path to inevitable

Before moving to Spain I got myself a few pairs of beach shorts. I figured I'd try and be cool and hip and hit the beach/pool in some surfer shorts.
Now it's been a few weeks and I've gotten myself a bit of an all over tan.

Well not quite all over. I now have white bits that extend down my thighs, from my waist to just above my knees. When I've been getting changed or having a shower it sometimes looks like I still have some ridiculously white shorts on.
Which has given me a bit of a image issue. Although I'm not a major fan of hitting the beach and laying in the sun for 12 hours, it's still something that I'd like to resolve.

So I tried wearing my swimming pool shorts a little more. They're much shorter but not quite short enough.

Now I've bought myself some smaller shorts. They're about the size of boxer shorts. Actually I think most of my boxer shorts are longer.
The first problem I have is now I have tanned shins, small shorts and in between bright white thighs. Something I'm going to have to work on now.

The BIG problem though is I'm going to get to the stage where I start to think that even these tiny shorts are giving me too much white bits.
So next I'll be changing to Speedos and walking around the beach in just them.

Which is eventually going to lead to the man-thong. It's inevitable. The Path to the Thong has started.

And that's a shame, as I thought that I would at least be in my 30's before I started walking around the beach in a thong.

I do have picture's but I think the mental image is more then you can take.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it crazy how many tweets there have been on the fact gmail is down?!? I would have e-mailed you back is down.

Also, I really enjoyed your post on your radiohead experience! It sounded pretty awesome.

Seriously though, speedos and thongs? Come on now ;)

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Ha! See, now there is the answer to the question everyone asks: Why is it only foreigners that wear speedos on the beach?

It's're a foreigner.

Anonymous said...

But where will you carry your camera?

surviving myself said...

Oh man, you are on the wrong path my friend! Get off of it now!!!

Robbie said...

@Greatname The Radiohead gig sure was a special day.
It's better then having white thighs...I guess.

@Joanne I wouldn't say it was only foreigners. Old Spanish men wear some crazy beach gear too

@Dana That, is a great question. And something I had problems with just the other day. I wont say what I did.

@Surviving If girls can wear thongs, then I should be able to also!

Cataclismical said...


Robbie said...

@Cat No need to worry about that :D

Monica said...

Find a nudist beach, get the all over tan and you're sorted haha :)

Robbie said...

@Monica Good idea....but not sure if I'm ready to go beyond "that line."