Friday, 8 August 2008

Twitter is down again, Mein Führer

I did want to write about some headaches I've been getting lately and the cause. But I've just watched this and had to share

Anyone who thinks they're too cool to use Twitter can leave the video.

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Cataclismical said...

Laughed and laughed .. so much so I missed bits and had to re-watch it! Personally I don't really understand Twitter and cannot get it up on my blog despite having signed up :(

Robbie said...

@Cat Having been using Twitter for a good few months now I've encountered a fair share of Twitter problems (Still they have the IM problem, how can it be so hard to fix that?)
But you should check out the Twitter blog, they get so much abuse from annoyed users it's unbelivable. Absolutly insane. It's almost like some users believe they own the gadget they way they complain. Crazy
Also to set up twitter on Wordpress I think the only way to do it is using a RSS widget on your layout and grabbing the rss feed from teh bottom of your twitter profile.