Saturday, 30 August 2008

Games I'm playing this Week:Special Edition Games I'm not playing

This Special Edition Games I am NOT playing is brought to you by Spore.
Yep, the every game in one, God game, Spore.

As you can see I have "Preloaded" the game on to my laptop but I still have "4 days and 12 hours" remaining until I can play the game.
Damn it.

Anyone else going to be playing this?

Meet Snookklberry; this is one of my creations. If you have Spore -or the Creature Creator- you can save that image and upload him in to your Sporepedia. That way, when the game is released, you will spot him/her when you're flying around your own Galaxy.

Check out my other Creatures here

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Anonymous said...

Today is my lucky day :)
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