Friday, 16 January 2009

The NYE Post

Yeah it has been a while but it's time to get this guy out in the open.

The missus had her parents visiting for Christmas and New Years so we all decided to go down to the Balcon de Europa (main square) to celebrate the Spanish way, which consists of eating a grape with every chime of the bell at midnight.
But just lots of people gather and do this at the same time.

In Britain I'd expect them to advise on wearing safety specs just in case there are "shooting pips."

So as you'd expect an un-experienced Brit attending a Foreign event we turned up too early. Much too early in fact. Like at 10pm! You'd think that wouldn't be too early but no one else was there. We were a but lucky the bars were open. But for celebrating The New Year the Spanish leave it pretty late and not starting until gone 11ish.

The Crowd

When we arrived I went for a walk to see what was on show and if I could spot where the fireworks would be coming from.
I certainly did spot the fireworks. Unattended and open to anyone to stand in the middle.
Health and Safety first

We past away the time by playing dress up

Tuck in
And finally twelve oclock came. I was given the task of photographing the moment. Moments before my mum phoned to go through the Spanish New Years moment. So I had a phone under my chin, eating grapes out of small cup while trying to take photo's.
I'd like to see THAT on Krypton Factor.

Swoosh BANG

And then a few of us went over to a "British" bar where we celebrated a "British" New Year at 1am with traditional Auld Lang Syne.

Not to long after that everyone went home at a nice sensible time.

The next day I took a walk down to the beach and it was packed. It was strange walking along the beach and seeing families out playing in the sand and sunbathing. Mind you it was in the 20's.

So all in all it was a very strange New Years Eve.


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