Tuesday, 6 January 2009

It fells a lot like Christmas

As I've bene out of the apartment for the last 2 weeks I'm playing cath up with some blog entries.
This one is from my Spanish Christmas. The most significant thing about this is that it is actually Spanish Christmas TODAY.

Feliz dia de los Tres Reyes.

But here is how things went down with me this Christmas Eve

The local Council have a great set up where they have a Santa parade around streets where Santa and his helpers give out sweets*.


Packing up

Little Helpers


Handing out sweets

Then on Christmas Eve everyone went out for a small drink
Yes, that kind of small drink

And wore silly hats

Various silly hats

Had a little dance

Copied the DJ

Then it all got a little fuzzy, including the photos.

And a few hours later we got to open up all are many presents under the huge Christmas Tree**

And here is the slideyshow

There where a few downsides to Christmas though.
I have to admit this is the one Christmas ever when I was half hoping to get some socks and underwear as in teh last few days/weeks I've noticed mine are getting thin on the material side. But to my surprise I didn't get one single present of socks. Not one.
On the plus side though I will hopefully stop unconsciously singing Christmas songs now that it's all over.


*Giving out sweets is polite, they actually launch the sweet at anyone within range. The young, elderly and injured are most open to attack.
**You may think that is a small Christmas Tree but you would be wrong. I was just standing really far away when I took that photo.

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