Sunday, 25 January 2009

Sunday, bloomin Sunday

I still find it hard to adjust to Sundays here. It's can be pretty quiet at times. A bit like a few years back in England when shops were not allowed to open.

Most shops here are closed of a Sunday still. The only ones open are tourist-y ones and that's during the tourist season.

But the small grocery stores and supermercados they stay closed. So for the essential important items, like PG Tips, you can't get them on a Sunday if you were to run out.
Days, for example, like today.

After making a cup of tea for me and the missus this morning I realised that we have run out of such an essential item.

Back in England, if this was to occur, I know I could of just gone down the local Co-Op and been back making a cup of tea within 5 minutes.

What's made this particular situation harder today is that we are packing for our move. And all this hard work will seem so much harder without the medicinal strength giving properties of leaves and cow juice.

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