Friday, 13 March 2009

Digg it Friday

A few slight changes to the blog.

First I’d just like to mention that I have recently been using Microsoft Writer to compose my blog posts.
Basically Writer is a free word processor to compose your blog posts for.
It works with any blog service, blogger, wordpress, typepad. It’s easy to use. In fact it’s much easier then using a blog service composer.
You can do many things with it that you’d expect from your normal service, insert links, videos, tags (it even lists all your current tags), pictures (and even toy with how the pictures look, have a look at the ‘Apple-like reflective’ shower picture from the previous post as well as this posts rounded edge photo below) and it even automatically uploads the photos to your service. You can add many blog accounts to it and as it is an offline word processor you can write posts on your travels, save them locally (you can even save drafts online where you’d normally save blog drafts) and upload them when you have connection back. And even edit you recently posted entries.
You can also add loads of plug in’s which allow you to view your flickr page and insert images easier and even have a plug in that updates your twitter account when publishing your blog.
It takes the easy use of a MS Word/Office word processor composing and applies it to blogging.
I reckon you should give it a try. You might never write posts the same again.

Also lizardspot is moving as well. It’s now taken up a small section on twitter as to not take up space here.
Although I thought for a bit that lizardspot was going to be easy this year due to a lizard hot spot right behind our balcony.

This sloping small wall right here. I spotted two lizards in one morning the other day.

Anyway, back to resurrecting my old idea of weekly Digg updates, which will be best on Procrastinating Friday.
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  • Everyone by know must of seen ‘Bizkit the sleep walking dog’.

Enjoy your weekend.

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