Wednesday, 18 March 2009

St Patricks Day post

as you may of noticed it was St Patricks Day yesterday

and like most of the english speaking world i went out for a few drinks
for drinking guinness you got a fancy native irish hat
and there were many hats on the tops of people around town
from what i can make out this is how all irish people dress

you could get a giant guinness hat for ordering a pint of guinness
im not the biggest fan of the ‘black stuff’ and ordered a half
/just to get in the spirit of things
i asked the bar owner about getting half of a hat or something similar and she came along with a strange shaped hat
me styling weird mushroom shaped irish hat

about an hour later a friend
/who was irish so knows these things
/pointed out that the hat was on backwards
i made a comment to the bar owner about this and how it should say “front” and “back” and not just guinness
her suggestion

“it should say ‘idiot’ and ‘not idiot’”

but there was much drinking and many merriments

we hit a bar
and i spotted that the bar had a new supercool lazer shooty thing


and i strolled in the earlier hours of this morning

luckily i was saved by some ham and egg sarnies this morning otherwise id still be in bed about now

and the rest of the photos


Miss Em said...

I got a silly hat, but that's because I'm hard enough to handle two pints. I was too embarrassed to wear said hat, and gave it to a small child I met on the street. His parents probably wondered how on earth he bought a pint with the 20p they give him as pocket money.

Robbie said...

Where I was from you had to drink 6 or so pints before you got a hat. That showed true spirit! ha
But how nice are you giving away funny hats to children.