Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Safety taps

A slight problem that I’ve been finding it hard to get used to in the new place is the taps for the bath/shower. They seem to have been created with the the insides from a safe. Shower Safe

The new shower has two taps, rather then the single double control tap of the previous place.

As standard, I will put the hot water on almost full blast and then try to control the temperature by adding little by little the cold water.

And this is were the problem lies.

The cold tap seems to have very fine control. The kind of control which makes me look like a safe cracker from an old black and white movie. Within a few milli -degrees of turning, the water can go from tepid to boiling. Which means that I spend a few minutes going through slight adjustments all the time while yelping due to hot and cold water being showered on my back.

But with time, not only will I get the right temperature for my shower quicker but I also increase my safe cracking skills.

Which in turn will give me a better chance of being in the next Oceans movie, ‘Oceans whateverthelastonewas+1’


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