Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Games I’m playing 24 March: Let's head to the City

For the last few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of TV (lots, House, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human) and so busy that I’ve not really been able to fit in much gaming.

The one game that has stuck on the radar, simply because I can pick it up and play for 10 minutes, is Animal Crossing Let’s go to the City.

(Regardless of what some Internet Crime Watchdogs will want you to believe, Animal Crossing isn’t just for teens and adult predators,)

Weird clown mask

It plays pretty similar to The Sims, just less advanced. It’s more about collecting bugs, fish and gyroids, then going work and having a family, although you still have to pay off a mortgage to Tom Nook.
But those that have tried The Sims will understand just how addictive the gameplay can be. Checking your town each day for new items in the shops, wishing for balloons to fly by so you can catapult presents off hoping to complete your Nintendo them room or trying to catch that spider in the trees to fill up your museum.

Other stuff to do in Animal Crossing, and a favourite of mine, is to see what strange outfits you can find, including some Nintendo favourites
Link from Legend of Zelda.

Samus from Metroid

Or music heroes

Or even as your favourite own Halloween costume

Another great feature to this game is the addition of Wii Speak.
I try to stay in touch with my family back in the UK a lot, mainly with Skype. But this game allows me to play online, trading items and chat away to my family at the same time.

Despite the childish nature and looks of Animal Crossing (and that fact that this version plays almost totally identical to the DS version from a few years ago) I still can’t stop being addicted to it’s simple collecting gameplay.

If your playing this too, my Friend Code is 4898 0358 3971.
My Wii Friend Code is 4859 7530 9312 3844.

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