Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year

So its a New Year and a new start for me.

The major problem about returning back home after 5 years at this time of year is that everyone's now slint and staying in so its been a quiet few days.

With a New Year passing it also means its time to bring out New Years Resolutions. Mine are more like Return to UK Resolutions.
I say mine, there's just one.

I need to learn to drive.

Seems very do-able. Apart from the cost of lessons having doubled since I last did lessons.
Hopefully though, unlike 90% of Resolutions, I'll stick to mine until its complete.

Although it seems like I may want to wait a few weeks before I strat due to weather.

So have you made (or even already broken) any New Years Resolutions?

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Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

My NYE resolution is to always have some chocolate on me.

I've failed already and Im craving it :( God I miss having a car and 24 hour tescos.

Ashley R said...

Found you through 20sb - really diggin' your blog!

I broke mine of starting to exercise at least 3 days a week. But my excuse is that I've been sick since the end of December. That's valid, right? :D

Best of luck on your return to the UK and for the new year :)

Robbie said...

@Jo 24 hour supermarkets is one of lifes essentials. So glad to have one back.
You must try harder at your NYR.

@Ashley Hiya. Yeah, that's totally legit. Anyone that wants to start dieting from 1st has it all wrong. You need a few days after NYE to recover first :-D