Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Some photos from what forever will be known as Awesome Snow Day 2010.

<Photo 1> My attempt at my first snowman in years. I had no stones for his parts so had to use fridge magnets. Good work!
<Photo 2> View of the car park. All that snow waiting to be stood in.
<Photo 3> Snow flakes falling
<Photo 4> Not one of mine. But a giant compared to mine.
<Photo 5> Ducks. Lots of lost ducks. Trying to swim but no luck 

Hope you're having fun on Snow Day.


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Shelby Stidham said...

I have to admit, your snowman looks a little bit like a duck :) But very cool, nonetheless. In the lifetime I've lived in my town, it's only snowed twice so I'm very jealous!

Robbie said...

@Shelby It does look like it has a bill, youre right.
It used to snow a lot around here during winter. But I've never seen it as thick as this. Not for a long time. It's awesome.

Blue soup said...

Aww, poor ducks!

Robbie said...

@Soupy I did feel rather bad for the ducks. They looked a little confused, a bit like a duck out of water...:-D