Monday, 25 January 2010

Work as art

This is what two hours of my working looks like via mouse movement. The large circles are where the mouse stayed still, the large circles are where the mouse did not move, the bigger the longer the wait was.

You can download mousepath here
Just extract the file, run the program and leave the screen maximized and behind your other windows. R restarts the path and S saves a screen shot in the same folder the program is in.

Now I best get back to working


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Shelby said...

That's very cool. I actually seriously like it a lot.

How did you hear about mousepath? Think I'll try it.. but I'm sure yours will still be cooler than mine

Robbie said...

It's a quite cool program. You'll have to post some of your results (if you havent already, not been through Google Reader this morning)

I heard about mousepath via Do you use that site? I used to enjoy Digg lots but find Reddit a much more fun place to find new stuff.