Monday, 2 June 2008

Walk in the Hills

It's been annoying not being able to take a proper walk in the hills right behind our house ever since the fall.

Hiking has been a favourite hobby ever since my dad got me practising for our walk across England. So when I injured my feet and could hardly walk it was annoying that I couldn't get up the mountains.

Fortunately my feet have been feeling pretty normal the last few weekends and last weekend I took the chance to go for a Walk in the Hills around what I belive is called Cerro Tragalamocha.

You can follow my walk by heading over here
Link to Sportstracker route or using this on Google Earth yourself

I only had a slight idea of where I was going. The smaller set of hills that the new part of Nerja is being built on. I thought I'd take things easy. I mean I didn't want to get lost or injured on my first walk now.
I managed, without realising, to take my walk on the weekly boot sale day. It's a pretty crazy bootsale they have here. Things range from VHS tapes to SEGA Master Systems. I haven't seen one of them since I was a kid.
I'll be heading back there with some cash another day.

After setting off it didn't take long for me to get lost. But I did have on my a GPS enabled phone and a decent explorer map of the area.
My first hurdle come when I realised that my phone only has the regular international coordinates and Spain has it's own local grid reference. This meant that although I could tell you exactly where I was on Earth, I couldn't find that anywhere on the map.
So straight away the map became pretty useless.
My next job is to see if there is a way of converting GPS coordinates in to Spanish Local map grid references?

So I ended up getting lost.
And heading up the wrong hill.
I wanted to be here.

But it worked out in my favour as I spotted plenty of wildlife
This I think is an Egyptian Grasshopper.

Although there wasn't much in scenary.

But I did get some good views of home.
It looks quite big from up here.

So I headed back. But spotted another route around the side of the Hill I wanted to be up.
So I decided to take this route and see where it went?

The dirt track wasn't terribly wide for most of the walk. And there wasn't much too see.

But when I got to the top I got to see where I will be heading next time!
But first I better get the GPS and map problem sorted out.

But I did have a very enjoyable Walk in the Hills. I got 4 hours walk out of it and climb to 470 metres.

But more importantly I spotted some lizards. And I'll have more on them soon.
I promise. There is a lizard there. ;)

But until then, check out some of my other photos.



commis chef said...

Looks really beautiful.

That car boot sale looks like a great find - bet you can pick up loads of great things there.

Anonymous said...

that's not a lizard! It's a s.t.i.c.k


Robbie said...

@Commis I'll try and get some photos of the car boot sale so you can see some of the stuff.
ut I did see one guy who had bought some painting that had a fake replica gun stuck to it. That was pretty sweet.
I did spot some fake "old alcohol" posters that I wanted to buy. They looked pretty cool.

@Pinkosa You're just jealous you missed out.
And it's not a stick!

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

Definitely just a stick.

Robbie said...

@Mouthski That just goes to show how you would do rubbish in a 'Stick Or Lizard' spotting game.