Thursday, 11 December 2008

Home on the range

Since coming back to England I've gotten less sleep then normal, drank more alcohol in the last few days then in the last few weeks (not just thanks to me dad)

You will be able to see that we do have some milk and cheese in there for tea and the missus does have her own drink as well. That lonely little Smirnoff.

Also it's been freezing here. And as I kind of threw out most of my clothes before leaving for Spain I didn't have many warm clothes.
In fact all I had were three jumpers.
And I shrunk one when at me mums.
Which now leads to, I have had a cold (or flu, don't know which?) which weirdly only lasted a few hours but made me feel really run down and horrible last night.

Although a few of the good points are opening presents early. Including the missus brand spanking new camera which has a pretty cool supermacro mode.
Click for a bigger picture were you can see all the leg hairs. Maybe this fly was a little too scared of hearing of a Venus.

I do want to try and take some photos of the moon with the 18x zoom but not until I have some warmer clothes.

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