Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Whats that coming over the hill?

today i wanted to start off writing about my little journey to the chilly island of England

but i have something better to write about

much better

having bought the missus a brand spanking new fancy zoomy dslr camera we decided to 'take that baby for a test drive' and headed down to the beach

we got LOADS of aces photos
i recommend you check out flickr/thepinkjellybaby shortly for some really good photos

but as we walked in to some garden to try and get some 'flowery' macro shots the missus spotted this guy having a rest on a plant

a goddamn praying mantis (with the missus elbow in the background, she was too scared to get close :D ha)
-and check out the bigger pictures for much better detail-

how many levels of awesome is that?

and i am so pleased that the camera not only has a great macro mode but is aces at capturing fantastic colours

but now i'm not sure whether this or the octopus is the best thing i've seen EVER!

here are some of my favourite photos of the praying mantis


Are you looking at me?

I spy...

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