Monday, 1 December 2008


A little weather news.

This weekend it has been freezing cold here.

So cold I even felt chilly with just my jumper on in the evening!

So cold that it actually snowed on the hills right behind where we live.

The big hill right behind where we live with it's snowy top.

I was actually on my way to play football when I took these shots with my phone.
And yes, it was chilly playing football.

Some of the more mountain-y hills a little further away where covered even more in snow.

I was told by someone that this was the closest there had been snow fall to Nerja (probably less then 5km away) in a very long time.

I did get a few other better shots today as I made my way to the market with my camera, I'll upload/post them a little later.

This is a shot from the bus.

And this (slightly) snowy hill panorama.

It's very unfortunate that I didn't have the missus BRAND SPANKING NEW camera.
I've just ordered for her (it's ok she knows already) some Fujifilm long zoom range Finepix that has 18x zoom on it. I could of taken photographs of the frozen, snow covered plants on top of them mountains from where I was stood with that camera!

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