Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas in England Part 2 The South

Our second week in England was a lot more quieter and calmer. It was good to have a power shower back (the one problem about staying in my mums is that her shower has as much pressure as a balloon). Although the missus parents shower can sometimes be TOO power shower and take off a limb.

We do do a lot of playing out in London and my alcohol tolerance had improved somewhat so I was able to not get too drunk, phew.

But there was a lot of pointing...

The missus points

I point

And kissing (maybe too many festive parties was the problem)

The missus friends kiss

I kiss not one...

but two friends.

And my friend kisses the barmaid (which is often referred to as a "normal night out."

Look, presents
I did get a present of my friend, some marbles, which we then played in the corner of the bar. I won. Of course.

But there was also even better times at the missus which included eating Christmas Roasts!
Tuck in

But then it was time to leave. And after booking an additional suitcase on the return flight due to the missus clothes shopping and Christmas presents we went the airport.
Our plane

And I decided to play about with the missus present a little more.
Big plane taking off

And after horrible horrible weather all week, catching two mini colds and having a horrible runny nose we arrived back to Spain to find this.
Hardly a cloud in sight

And this is the view from the coach off the coast as we pulled back in to Nerja
Glad to be back

Slideshow from two weeks

But despite having missed all my family and friends for the last year and all the fun I had in those two weeks in England I am really pleased to be back in Spain.

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