Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Sun has just about got it’s hat on.

The last few days it’s starting to get a bit warmer here. Even the evenings haven’t been too bad.

Some noticeable signs of this are the heater hasn’t been on for a few weeks now. The butter is no longer frozen and destroys my bread every time I make a sandwich. And I don’t have to wear my slippers as often.

But I’m feeling myself slipping in to some British ways. No not wearing socks with sandals, but having a growing concern that the summer isn’t going to be all that hot.
With the UK’s inconsistent summers I find it hard to believe that this summer will be the same as last.

Last summer was baking hot here. For most of the summer it was 30+, even after 6/7pm. I didn’t attempt to take a walk past the farmacia to check on temperatures during the hottest parts of the day so wouldn’t guess on what they were.
There were times when we were staying up in Frigiliana and while waiting for a bus at the unsheltered bus stop, it was a killer waiting under all that heat. Especially as we were trying not to sweat too much in our dining out clothes. (Would of made for a stinky meal)

But these last few weeks I’ve found it hard to think that this summer will be as hot as it has just been so cold. When I came to Spain I expected it to be hot in the Summer and warm in the winter. But it can be nearly as cold as the UK in the winter (or at least it feels like).
Even when we spent time up in Frigiliana a few weeks ago, walking past the same bus stop I had a jumper on (but no coat as I had left it in home) and was shivering at about 6pm.

I’m sure that in a few months (weeks?) I’ll be complaining about the heat and this talk will just be impatient nonsense, but I blame a life time of poor British summers for my ‘Precognition Summer Dissatisfaction’.


Guiri said...

Now you've put the mockers on Easter! Its suddenly gone cloudy after reading this.

My first visit to Nerja was a February. Like most Guiri's I was in shorts and T-shirt. It didn't take long for that to stop!

Robbie said...

I realsed that just after I hit send. The missus walked straight back in after steping out to collect her umbrella.
Should of stuck a disclaimer sayin "my post holds no responsibility of next weeks weather" ha