Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Throwing shrimps left right and centre

So I got myself a new toy.
BBQ, chair and a view

You know, something for when the evenings are a little warmer, which shouldn’t be too long now.

I’m sure not only I’ll get plenty of use out of my new toy but all visitors that we have will too. Which seems to be an awful LOT in May.

After visiting the UK for a brief stop, there will be visits from a friend (my first since arriving a year ago!) and two different groups of families all in a few weeks. It will be busy.
(Which reminds me, I need to get round to posting highlights of last weeks events)

The only problem with the new toy is, it’s about 2 foot high.20042009968
Sorry for wonky photo. I think the missus was drunk!

It looks like I bought this thing from a toy store. “Fisher-Price My First BBQ set.

I’m hoping that hobbit’s come and visit to show me how to use this thing safely.

Also I’ve never BBQed before solo.
I mean I’ve been to a BBQ. And I’ve helped stick some burgers and sausages on and off a BBQ. Heck, even last week I helped start up a BBQ last week (except I but too much fire in to it and we had to wait a bit longer then had planned to eat)
But never got from start to finish on my own.

This should be fun.


Blue soup said...

Are you sure it's a mini BBQ? I mean, perhaps you are just a giant?

Please Don't Eat With Your Mouth Open said...

I'm with Blue...you might be fooling us. I reckon you're about 9ft or something. I'm sure I saw you in a Channel 4 Documentary a few weeks back...

Miss Em said...

What a view! Perfect for kicking back with a beer. Photo results of the inaugural bbq please.

Robbie said...

@Bluesoup @Jo Watch this space, I'll get proof that it's a small BBQ and not a giant Robbie.

@Miss Em The view is good for a BBQ. Just to the left out of shot is a view of the beach and sea too. Pretty sure I wont pass up the chance to photo my first BBQ! For comedy reasons most likely :D

fabulous said...

all boys need a BBQ. Its part of being a man right?.

Chele said...

I envy the view from your balcony, so pretty

Robbie said...

@fab Pretty much think so. Although my masculinity is quite low after showing off the size of mine :)

@Chele Thats just the one half. The other side is of the beach. So now I can easily tell if it's a good snorkle/sunbathing day just by looking outside.