Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Since I’ve been gone

A few days ago my 1 year since moving here anniversary passed. Me and the missus didn’t do anything to celebrate, I had family visiting so we were probably out anyway. But some thing’s haven’t really change here that I wished had.

The biggest thing has been the let down that Spanish culture has yet, well at least here, to embrace the fantastic idea of sandwich deli’s. I love a good deli. I love a good sandwich. But I don’t have the patience for all that preparation to make the type of selection they have in deli’s. Or the knowledge. If anyone can teach me to make that chicken mayo fusion filling that you get in deli’s I’d be more then thankful.

There was some interest in one starting up but that never materialised.
One restaurant that does serve tasty, but slightly expensive, sandwiches had stopped. Although I have seen they stuck their sandwich board outside again.

But it’s not quite a deli.

I’ve resorted to having to find different, simple, fillings that I can stick between my two slices of Bimbo bread myself. I’ve starred at the meat counter for far too long then is allowed for a health sane person to.
And the best I could come up with is having corned beef filling. But I never really know what to have with corned beef, apart from salady stuff but at least it’s a change from having ham and salady stuff.
So I was doing at little investigating to see what I could have with my new meat and found some simple sandwich ideas that all ended with toasting the sandwich.
Which made me remember, I saw an advert for a genius idea on the TV the other day. You guys back in the UK now have the fantastic invention of Tostabag.

What a great idea. Any sandwich filling can now be doubled thanks to the easy idea of toasting your sandwich in a little sleeve and using a toaster, which I assume is in every home in the World. Ever. By law.

Amazing stuff.

But not only have the UK made advancements in dinner time snacks since I’ve been gone. No. You’ve also improved breakfast.
Watching some more English TV the other day, I promise, English TV is something that I see very close to nothing off. These are the only two things I remember watching. I don’t even remember what shows I was watching at the time, just the adverts.
Anyway, I now learnt that you have Weetabix Bitesize.

Now this is more of an “about time” invention then a “bloody marvellous” like the first one but I could so do with Bitesize Weetabix over here due to the fact that we have tiny tiny little bowls. My Weetabix look more like Weetastax then Weetabix in these tiny bowls.
Plus it means the bottom one gets very soggy and not very sugared and the top one is dry and over sugared.
I just want my Weetabix side by side.
Or in BiteSize.


Miss "B" Haven said...

Okay, as for the "chicken filling", I think it's a crime to mix mayo into a nice meat and distroy the flavor of the meat!!

If you want a good is what you do... Go down to one of those deli's that you were talking about and order the top part of the folloing list and drop by a store and pick up the second part of the list. Then follow the recipe at the bottom and you will be hooked!!! I promise!!

Cajan Chicken or Turkey
Honey/Maple Ham
Cracked Pepper Roast Beef
Hard Salami
Hot Pepper Cheese
Colby/Jack Cheese

Cream Cheese
Italian Dressing(seasing Packet)
Romain Lettuce
*any other toppers!!
Bread or wrap of your choice

Mix 1 package cream Cheese with 1 Package Italian dressing and let set in fridge for 1 hour.

Let cream cheese mixture soften on counter for a few minutes before you spread on bread.

Layer on the meat, cheese and vegies and Enjoy!!!! It's a nice flavor combo!!

Try this combo I'm sure you will like it!! Atleast you won't need to stare at the counter in the deli wondering what to order!!

Robbie said...

You are a queen.
Do you mean to have ALL of that on a sandwich?