Thursday, 2 April 2009

It feels nice, when it happens to you.

So I have my dad and his family visiting from Saturday. It should be good. Their visit coincides with Semana Santa (Easter Week). There will be a lot of parades with men in cloaks and pointy hats (yes, like they look like those kind of pointy hats) carrying creepy statues of Jesus and other various things happening all week. This is also the only fiesta/parade that I have yet to experience since being in Spain. So now I can mark off the last one.
And expect quite a few photos.

Another favourite habit of mine when people come to visit, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, is I turn in to “Vacation Mode.”
I’ll do a lot of things I don’t normally do, like eat out (although me and the missus have been doing tapas nights out again quite recently), go to the beach in average weather (average to me maybe, but there are a lot of holiday makers walking around in shorts and vests) and just generally walking around the main part of town really slowly (damn it tourists, pick up the pace).

I’m also looking forward to showing off my new favourite place El Molino.
Unlike other touristy flamenco bars which do big shows with all the dresses and proper dancers, El Molino is 90%+ filled with the Spanish. It has a solo guitarist/singer who performs on a very small stage and then anyone in the bar can join him on stage and dance to his music. And after a few drinks no one is shy.
I learned about El Molino when we first arrived but never went to it. Not sure why. I was taken to El Molino last week and had a fantastic time in there and wondered why I never went to it sooner? Although I plan to make up missed opportunities.

But I do need to work on my rhythmic hand clapping a bit more.

And if I'm ballsy enough I might start watching some youtube teach yourself Flamenco dance lessons....

or perhaps not.

Clapclap-CLAP. Clapclap-CLAP. Clapclap-CLAP.


Anonymous said...

I remember my first samana santa in Nerja. We sat outside La Piqueta and watched the procession go past. We ended up in Cochrans until 2am. On the way home we bumped into the procession again. They had just got back to the church. Fantastic!

For real atmosphere and sense of occassion there is nothing better than the parades in Malaga.

El Molino is a great spot, although it can be too smoky for me. The first time I went I thought they had a power cut. Then someone told me they always turn the lights off at midnight for the song to the Virgin. Frigliana Wine! Que Fuerte!

Robbie said...

I think perhaps this year I might try a few fiestas a bit further afield. All fiestas I've been to in last 12 months were all in Nerja but wil be nice to try out a few others.

I was tipped off about the midnight song yesterday when I was discussing Molino with some friends.
Are there any other places like Molino in Nerja?