Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Cleaning out

The last few weeks I have been on a bit of a weekend clear out spree. With our move to Spain coming up I wanted to make sure that the garage me and the missus are living in was as tidy as possible when handing it back to her parents.

A few weekends back it was time to clear out the food cupboard.
The cupboards were getting so full I was finding it hard to put in new tins of food, etc (this was actual one of the main reasons for the clear out to)

It turns out that the missus, having partly lived in the garage for a few years now, had never done a clear out and there were a few things past their sell by date.

A look at all the things to THROW AWAY

Some jars had best before dates that went back as far as August 2001. Thats alot of not clearing out.

All the empty jars for recycling. Yes everyone should recycle.

I had to pour all the off contents down the sink. This did make the sink smell funky and looked a bit like this.

Here is all that went back in to the cupboard.


Anonymous said...


Robbie said...

Dont think you can get away with it by pulling a funny face...

Boy said...

I completely forgot you'd changed to blogspot. I've moved the subscription over now!! Was wondering why everything had gone quiet... :S

Robbie said...

boy, well your here now, thats all that matters.

commis chef said...

Thats' the contents of a classic British cupboard you've got there, that is. All the staples of British cuisine are there. You've got your Branstons pickle, your Heinz tomato ketchup, your squeezable bottle of golden syrup if I'm seeing it correctly, your oxo cubes, and is that a bottle of browning or Worcestershire sauce there in the front? Where's the heinz beans though?

If Spains anything like France you'll need an extra suitcase just for these goodies to keep you going. Except for the Nutella. In France at least, they have that on tap.

Robbie said...

I don't know what I'd do without Branston Pickle. I've only just started to get in to enjoying pickle and cheese sandwiches, in the last few months in fact. I think I'd have to hunt out a English store somewhere on the south coast, or just rob some English pubs of all their sauces, mayos and Branston pickle.

The beans were on the shelf below and were not included in this clear out, that was a previous week and was just as bad. I had to throw away pineapple, soups, plum tomoatos in that one.

commis chef said...

Ah, the pleasures of the cheese and pickle sandwich.


Anonymous said...

wow...2001. that's quite the accomplishment, keeping something for that long.

a guy i work with was just talking about how our work fridge smells kind of funky and i'm willing to be it is due to some really rancid, outdated pickles and maybe even moldy cheese.

i'm new to your blog - why the move to spain?

Anna said...

I cleaned out my parent's fridge once. Ugh. Did you know that celery eventually becomes black sludge? I wish I still didn't.

Anonymous said...

oh man, so sorry to hear that you had to undertake this adventure. There are things in my fridge that have been in there so long that I just let them stay. I figure they've found a home.

Robbie said...

Commis; I'm still new to it all so I am still having the odd problem with cheese:pickle ratio.

Ashley; yes that is an accomplishment. Something I hope the missus tries not to do again.
I say take the offending items out of the fridge. It might be a horrible to do, but its worth the reward. Make sure you take gloves
Why move to Spain? Mainly to live, but because there is better scenary, easier way of living, more relaxed, not as expensive, living a few meters away from a lovely beach, weather, it's not the UK. Those reason and many more :)

Anna; I did not know that. Selfishly I'm glad you've been able to pass on that knowldge rather then me finding out firsthand.

Surviving; I actually like cleaning things up. I think I have a think about being neat.
But your idea is the other way to deal with the problem. Make sure you by a Toxic Hazard sign for your fridge though ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that i'm actually too short to reach the back of the it's not my fault!

Deutlich said...


Robbie said...

Deutlich, there are far better jars there, like Branston Pickles for instance :)