Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Time to get going

Seeing as I spent ALL NIGHT last night trying to figure out how to chop down a video I taken with my digital camera and then work arounds involving converting, I have forgotten to upload the rest of my weekends photos.
I'll do that soon, promise and I know that flickr won't stop me this time as I have just upgraded to a Pro account. Check me.
And I never did figure out how to chop the .mov file or converter, stupid videora and it's non compatabilty with digital camcorder sound files.
If anyone knows how to use Avidemux2, convert .mov files from digital camcorders (specifically audio with pcm_u8 format) or can advise on which paying software I should get out of ulead, Pinnacle or Serif Movieplus please email me; itsmoirob [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave a comment.
Thank you!

But what this means now is that I will have to write about something rather then just posting 100 pictures.
Now there's a problem.
I have just recently joined 20something bloggers, (and no, not just in an attempt to make me feel younger then I am) and have found some very well written bloggers through there, Marggot to bed, Rage and Biscuits, Apollocreed and J-Money to name a few. So I feel like I should really up the ante now.

So here goes....

Upping the ante...

A great blog post....

A great blog post to up the Ante
I recently bought some insoles for my shoes. The inside leather had been worn down and was starting to make my feet uncomfortable. So I bought some insoles. I followed the dotted line cutting for size 11's put them in my shoes and thought that was the end of that.

A few days later I have started to find that the size 11 dotted line wasn't quite so perfect. The insoles keep slipping about in my shoe meaning that alot of the times my heel or the tips of my toes are annoyingly hanging over the edge of these insoles.
Which most importantly annoys the crap outta me, but also gives me a funny lobsided walk.

No, not me walking lobsided but a photo of the insides of my shoe.
So there you have it. Possibly the greatest work I have ever done.
I should just give up now.


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the love!

Anonymous said...

well i just found you 20something bloggers and i must say this was a fantasic blog post.

with photographic evidence and all.

:) nice to find your blog

J-Money said...

You? Are adorable, lobsided walk and all.

jiminycricket said...

I hope your shoe situation improves Rob. Thanks for the linkage too- Those other's blogs rock as much as this post. And probably almost as much as a justice show!

Olly said...

If it can play in quicktime, it can be edited in Quicktime pro...but maybe I am way off the pace of what you are trying to do...

Robbie said...

Surviving, no worries. Keep up the good work.

Ashley & Jmoney , you're both very kind. Thank you :)

Jiminy. The only way the insoles will improve is to buy a new pair. Which I won't do because I know I'll mis-cut them again and buy a third pair and mis-cut them and repeat....

Olly, that may be genius at its most simple form.
I will investigate that later.
Heres me thinking of all crazy out of the box ways and you come along with something as easy as that.
If this works I may just have to hug you.

Anonymous said...

Look at you rocking out with your shoes!
If they like those, they'd love your red ones!

Robbie said...

Pinkosa (No one has mentioned the shoes :( sniff)

Robbie said...

Olly, you sir are a frickin genius. Quicktime pro worked, well like a pro. Got my vid chopped, shrunk, converted, and uploaded pretty quick nd very easy.

margottt said...

thanks for the compliment misseur